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By: Cindy Cromer

Caitlin Spencer Martel’s newly formed but strained relationship with her biological grandfather causes a rift within her family. She discovers a new meaning of the word deception. Does Caitlin maintain her integrity, or does she become influenced by her ruthless, take-control grandfather, Lukas Bucklin? 

Lukas has it all—money, wealth, power, and most importantly control, or so he thinks. He has finally formed a bond with his granddaughter and intends to name her the heir of his empire worth billions. On the eve of a board meeting, he receives a threatening phone call. The caller knows what he has done. He revises his will again. He can’t make the announcement, not yet. He has to flush out another devious loose cannon that is on a rampage to destroy his family and legacy. 

Caitlin is flown to New York City on the Bucklin private Learjet for the board meeting. Lukas devastates her when he doesn’t acknowledge her as a viable board member nor as his granddaughter. She doesn’t know her grandfather is protecting her and he doesn’t know that she has her own agenda for the meeting. She rises to the occasion and proves that she is Lukas Bucklin’s heir and unwittingly aligns herself with him in the path of a revengeful greedy psychopath. 

Lukas is forced to distance himself from everyone close to him, especially Caitlin. She can never know the truth, no one can. It would be devastating and cause a rippling affect that would tear the family apart—the family Lukas strived to protect for decades.
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