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By: Maddie Wade

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A woman who stands alone!

As the leader of Zenobi, a deadly group of female assassins, Roz Maklavoi is feared and revered in equal measure. Hiding behind her impenetrable wall of ice is a young girl who was tortured and beaten, sold to evil by the one man she should have been able to trust.

Now the man responsible for her torture has struck again, targeting her loved ones. Knowing she can’t allow anyone else she loves to become a victim of her ‘husband’, Roz embarks on a solo mission which will probably end her life. But dying doesn’t frighten her, living does.

A lone wolf who embraces the darkness within.

Fifteen years ago, as a young soldier, MI6 officer Kanan ‘K’ Phillips fell in love with a broken young woman. Watching from afar as she fought to become the strong, fearless leader of Zenobi, knowing that she would never remember him, even though he’d never forgotten her. 

A chance meeting on a beach allowed them to spend two blissful months together as strangers until one night she disappeared.

Now they have been thrown together again, and Kanan vows to protect his Kitten with his life. He must thaw the ice around her heart, without getting his own broken again. 

Will he make her see or will he die trying? 

*Please note this book does contain scenes of sex and violence. If you are concerned that it may prompt upset them please do not read.





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  1. Thanks so much for spotlighting my new release - INDEBTED! Greatly appreciate it!


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