Book of the Day

By: Debra Webb

As Birmingham's Medical Examiner, Dr. Sylvia Baron spends her time unraveling the secrets the dead keep. But Sylvia has a secret of her own that has haunted her for twenty years. Recent events have forced her to see how very precious life really is and she is determined to stop taking a single moment of hers for granted. She goes to private investigator Buddy Corlew for help. Trouble is, Corlew has a reputation for unraveling the ladies as well as the cases he accepts. 

Before Sylvia gets charmed out of more than her deepest secret by the enigmatic PI, she's summoned to a bizarre murder scene that will shake the city, as well as the Birmingham PD, to its very core. Working with Deputy Chief Jess Harris and her major crimes team, Sylvia is drawn into the most challenging case of her career.

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  1. The Dying Room, a Faces of Evil Novel, by Debra Webb is excellent! If you read the Faces of Evil series with Eric Spears, you will love The Dying Room. All of the much loved characters from the series are back! It is the first stand alone book in the series. The Dying Room is a must read!

  2. I could not put The Dying Room down. Debra Webb does such a good job of moving you through the plot with so much suspense, I ended up staying up and finishing the book before I went to bed. I love the character development, some from the Faces of Evil Series about serial killer Eric Spears. I highly recommend this book!

  3. This is an awesome book by an awesome author. If you haven't read it yet, do. It's a very good book!

  4. This was a book that has a lot of suspense. Debra Webb is an author who knows how to create great character for her stories.

  5. I loved The Dying Room and the Faces of Evil Series! Debra Webb-rocks!!!!