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Romantic Suspense with Just the Right Seasoning

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Uncover a heart-pounding suspenseful romance from USA Today bestselling author Julie Miller that proves love can happen at any age.
Looking for a seasoned hero and/or heroine in your love story? I enjoyed writing my July 21st release, K-9 PROTECTOR, which features a veteran K-9 officer who heads up the K-9 corps and the lady veterinarian who takes care of his team’s K-9 partners. It was a change of pace to write characters closer to my own age and life experience. I truly believe that we are never too old to feel or need love, nor do we outgrow the rush of falling in love and the supreme satisfaction of giving our love to someone special.
Dealing with the demands of grown children or the responsibilities or running your own business or managing a team of officers gives my characters a different perspective on life and love in this story. But there is no less passion, no less romance. In fact, there’s a certain appreciation for those things that some young’uns in their early 20s might take for granted. Imagine a fit, handsome, authoritative man with salt-and-pepper hair and nothing he needs to prove to the world taking his sweet time to thoroughly seduce a woman. Or who puts all his experience and the resources at his disposal to protect the woman he loves. Intrigued yet? Think of fine wine, cast-iron skillets, your favorite pair of jeans, a towering oak tree, George Clooney—and you’ll understand how some things are even better with age.
Here’s a snippet from K-9 Protector:
Hazel pushed through the swinging door leading into the restricted area where she performed surgery, stored meds and housed specialized equipment. She went straight to the X-ray room to see how poor little Maggie had fared after her fall down a flight of steps.
What she needed was time alone in the darkened room to clear her head. She pulled her glasses from her pocket to study the film. But the moment they touched the bridge of her nose, she thought of the letter and tugged them right back off.
She didn’t need to pull out the letter to read it again. She knew every word by heart.
I’ve been watching you, Hazel.
I want to be a part of your life. I want us to share everything.
I want you.
I want you.
I want you.
Hazel might not recognize flirting anymore—or maybe she subconsciously chose to ignore it. Her relationship skills might be rusty since her divorce and bankruptcy and the threats and humiliation that had filled her life during her husband Aaron’s trial and for several years afterward.
But she’d been a different person then. Now she knew when something wasn’t right. A man who wrote I want you a dozen times on a letter, and then refused to sign it or even include a return address, did not have her best interests at heart.
This letter, and eight more she had like it at home, told her she’d become someone’s obsession.
The feeling of being watched, of being stalked, of feeling terrorized in the places she was supposed to feel safe felt a lot like…
She gasped at the knock outside the open door. “Todd, I said…”
“Whoa.” Jedediah Burke filled her doorway again. His hands raised in apology did nothing to lessen the impact of his size dwarfing the tiny room. “Sorry about that. You were really concentrating. Everything okay?”
When Hazel realized she was clutching her hand over her racing heart, she immediately reached for her glasses again and put them on. With his eyes narrowed on her, she doubted she was fooling him. He’d startled her, and he knew it. Avoiding Burke’s probing gaze, she studied the troubling results of the dog’s X-ray. “You can’t seem to leave.”
After a moment he nodded. “I forgot to tell you what time lunch was tomorrow. I know I could have texted, but I was already here.” He stepped into the room, stopping beside her chair to glance at the X-ray. Unlike when Todd had invaded her personal space, she knew the strongest urge to turn and lean into Burke—especially when his hand settled gently on her shoulder. “Did something happen? Lose a patient?”
Damn it. The man smelled good, too. An enticing combination of spicy soap and the subtle musk of the early-October afternoon clinging to his skin that only intensified in the small confines of the X-ray room.
Hazel considered brushing off his concern and sending him on his way. Then her peripheral gaze landed on the brass KCPD badge clipped onto his belt. Burke represented help and safety in more ways than one. She’d known him for five years now. She could trust him with this. She tucked her glasses back into her jacket pocket and tilted her gaze up to his. “Could I ask you something? As a police officer?”
“Of course.” He pulled away, the moment of compassion masked by his wary alertness.
She pulled the note from her pocket and spared a few moments to smooth it open against the tabletop before handing it to him. “Would you read this?” He’d probably think she was being paranoid. Or maybe he’d be angry that she hadn’t reported the letters sooner. His chiseled expression grew grimmer with every line he skimmed.
“Is that normal?” she asked.
“Who’s it from?”
She hesitated a beat before answering. “I don’t know.”
“Then no, it’s not.”


Protecting the woman he secretly loves

threatens a K-9 cop’s self-control.
K-9 cop Jedediah Burke has kept his yearning for veterinarian Hazel Cooper in check for years because their friendship is too precious to risk. Though both have survived painful divorces, Burke is unaware of the nightmare marriage Hazel endured. But when a sadistic stalker’s threats against Hazel escalate, protecting her requires staying close. And stifling his long-suppressed desire may no longer be possible

What are some of your favorite “seasoned” romances featuring a mature hero and/or heroine? Or, share something or someone you think only gets better with age.
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  1. I can't wait to read this book. Way too few romances are written where a "seasoned" couple are the primary characters. Yes they are sometimes featured as a secondary romance, but that isn't enough and too often treated as "isn't that sweet." Off hand, I can't think of any seasoned romance couples. I do think Tom Selleck, Mark Harmon, and Sam Elliot only get better with age. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Yum! I love your choices in men. Those are three of my favorite actors, too.

  2. "One Fine Day" by Theresa Weir and "Bygones" by LaVyrle Spencer both have a mature couple with an adult daughter.

    1. I haven't read the Theresa Weir book. Thanks for the recommedation!

  3. Actually I haven't read hardly any books that have "mature" heroes and heroines. Being my age (69), I wish there were more of them to read. I'll be looking for this one when it's published.

    1. It actually comes out today in print. :) (August 1st in digital) I've written a few other books with mature characters, such as KCPD PROTECTOR, TAKEDOWN, and PROTECTION DETAIL.
      There's a readers group on Facebook called "Seasoned Romance", and they share lots of recommendations for stories with more mature characters.
      I've gotten several requests from readers over the years, asking for more mature characters, so you're not alone.

  4. I do enjoy books with seasoned heroes... off the top of my head I can not recall a specific title though... I know Sharon Hamilton has a new series with older SEALs, but I have not read it yet...

    1. If you like military romance, another one I like with a mature hero is Lynn Raye Harris's HOT VALOR.

  5. Of your books with a mature hero ~ Takedown!

    Also I loved Cavanaugh Heat by Marie Ferrarella & Disavowed by Kaylea Cross.

    1. Oh, bless you for saying that, Jen! :) I know Captain Michael Cutler from TAKEDOWN has been one of my readers' favorite heroes! Thank you!
      I've read other Kaylea Cross books. I'll have to try DISAVOWED.

  6. This one sounds great! Sam Elliot, Sean Connery and Mark Harmon!

  7. Hi Julie, I just want to alert your posters here about your title Takedown. The hero is "mature", but the heroine is on the young side. You did a fantastic job making this relationship work without appearing creepy or inappropriate! This is a book I reread every so often. I think it's time again! LOL

    1. I love hearing that, Kathy. Thank you! And yes, it is important to point out that the hero is mature in TAKEDOWN, but the heroine is only mature in terms of life experience. They're one of my favorite couples I've written. Usually, there's a favorite hero or heroine or villain. But Michael and Jillian together were very special to me.


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