Friday, June 19, 2020

Why We Love Alpha Heroes

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When it comes to heroes, one of the most popular archetypes is the alpha male. But what makes these heroes so appealing? Alpha males are often described as arrogant, self-centered, insensitive, and manipulative. Who would fall in love with a guy like that?! 

That’s the quandary every author faces when s/he decides to write an alpha character, male or female. The challenge is crafting a character who is driven, confident, and relentless without coming across as uncaring, unscrupulous, and unkind.

So how does an author achieve this? I’ll share a few techniques I used to create the alpha heroes in my Impossible Mission series—military romantic suspense standalone romances featuring Delta Force operatives and the strong women who love them.

1.  Turn a negative quality into a positive.

Aiden Foster, the alpha hero in Mission: Impossible to Resist (Impossible Mission Book 1) reluctantly agrees to serve as temporary bodyguard to Jordan Dean, a Seattle socialite. Aiden’s arrogant assumptions about Jordan are proven wrong when he meets her and discovers she isn’t shallow and self-centered. His humility in admitting he was wrong and his respect for Jordan’s intelligence and passionate work ethic to help others balance his initial reaction to her.

2.  Spotlight what makes an alpha a hero.

Alphas are decisive, loyal, protective of what is theirs, and fearless. These qualities enable alpha hero Finn Jenkins to overcome a painful past and secret attraction for Sophie Dean when the two reunite years later in Mission: Impossible to Surrender (Impossible Mission Book 2). When Sophie finds herself in danger, Finn acts fast to keep her safe and willingly takes the biggest risk of all—revealing that he’s still in love with her.

3.  Give him an opportunity to become a better man.

In Mission: Impossible to Love (Impossible Mission Book 3), alpha hero Sten Jenkins is caught up in his own issues and angry at the world, which makes him lash out undeservedly. Izzy Benson is caught up in a dangerous situation and needs his help, so she stands up to his brutish behavior with kindness and patience. Her integrity to do the right thing prompts Sten to look beyond his own issues and become a team player.

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Each steamy, action-packed standalone romance in the Impossible Mission series delivers a hellaciously stubborn, hot as blazes, alpha male military hero brought to his knees by a fierce, strong, independent woman. Only together can their complete their impossible mission.

Mission: Impossible to Resist
Mission: Impossible to Surrender
Mission: Impossible to Love
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  1. I like their self-assurance and strength, although it can be a bit overbearing at times.

    1. I agree. There is a fine line between arrogance and self-assurance. LOL

  2. I like their confidence in their abilities and knowing they can protect the woman or save the day.

  3. Trained to run toward the bullets. I guess that's why I write Alpha heroes. LOL


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