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What a Difference a Year Can Make: Celebrating Lovely Digits’ 1st Book Birthday!

Congratulations to "Martha L.", the winner in Jeanine's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

            In this current climate, it’s easy to despair, wallow, and wonder when and if 2020 will return back to some sense of normalcy and redeem itself. One thing that helps me is focusing on the joys that I did have over the last year and to remember that this time next year might be a completely different June for all of us. My hope is that you can do the same. If not, I’ll attempt to do my best to distract you with the promise of a book excerpt and a book birthday giveaway!
            This time last year, I was filled with the excitement, dread, enthusiasm, and fear that can only describe the time prior to releasing your debut novel. I couldn’t wait to be a published author and share my story, but I also dreaded the vulnerability required of sharing my book with the world. What if literally everyone hates it? What if my neighbors think I’m weird because the heroine of my book is a layer-out of the dead? And, then what if people do like it? Can I just listen to their praise and say thank you without turning four shades of red? I’m an introvert tried and true. Shame and praise seem to create a rather similar response in me. Ridiculous, I know, but it’s true.
            But, all of that dread was for nothing. Lovely Digits is a RONE finalist for best mystery, a finalist for best first novel in the Georgia Author of the Year Awards, and received a rather “killer” review from Killer Nashville. It seems a sprinkling of good things did come from 2020 amidst all of the chaos after all.
            So, for the chance to win a free Amazon Kindle e-book of Lovely Digits and a $10 Amazon e-gift card, please drop a comment below of one positive thing or event that you are grateful for having happened over the last year, no matter how small it might be. Thank you for being here to celebrate my book birthday with me!


When two murders strike the sleepy Victorian town of Clun, England, an unlikely partnership forms. But can the killer be found before there is a third?

Lovely Digits is the town oddity…

But quirky spinster Lucy Wycliffe prefers to ignore gossip and embrace her position as the town’s layer out of the dead, despite how her parents’ deaths thrust her into such unlikely work. Lovely Digits, as she’s known to the local townspeople, no longer dreams of marriage, but takes pride in providing dignity to the dead. Desperate to hold on to her family’s cottage and support her widowed sister and young niece, an unexpected offer of employment as assistant to the constable arrives at the perfect time.

Former sailor John Brodie is the mysterious new constable…

 But John Brodie is far from a stranger to Clun or the events of its past. Accepting the position as constable in the small town is a double edged sword meant to heal his past and redeem his future, but falling for the beautiful and intelligent Lucy Wycliffe was never part of his plan. As the killer closes in, will John reveal his secret and risk losing everything to save Lucy’s life?


Clun, England

A knocking on the cottage door above stairs startled Lucy, and she poked her finger with the thick sewing needle she held.
“Thistles,” she cursed, pressing her apron to her bleeding thumb. Evidently, repairing the tear at the hem of Becca’s dress would have to wait.
Who would be calling at such an early hour? It was hardly half past nine.
“Enter,” she called up from her root cellar.
She shuddered as the door squeaked open above her. She should oil the blasted hinges on the ancient door, but who had time for such nonsense? Her finger throbbed, but the blood had stopped. Shaking it in the air, she caught sight of the pale female form on her prepping table.
What am I complaining of?
Poor Becca. Lucy swallowed hard. Covering and repairing the girl’s wounds would prove difficult, but she’d try. Becca was her friend. Had been her friend.
“I hear if I need a body prepped, you are the person to see.” A deep rich baritone boomed against the cottage rafters.
The man’s neatly clipped tones screamed city. Londoner, most likely. What would he want here in Shropshire? Nothing of much import ever happened here.

*Giveaway Alert: Leave a comment for a chance to win a free Amazon Kindle e-book copy of Lovely Digits and a free $10 Amazon e-gift card to celebrate the 1st book birthday of my debut novel, Lovely Digits! *U.S. Residents Only!*

About the Author:
Jeanine Englert is a Golden Heart ® Finalist and Daphne du Maurier Award winner in historical romantic suspense. After years of writing in secret, she joined Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers in 2013 and has been an active member ever since. She writes Scottish Highland historicals and historical romantic suspense novels.

When she isn’t wrangling with her characters on the page, she can be found trying to convince her husband to watch her latest Masterpiece or BBC show obsession. She loves to talk about books, writing, her beloved pups, and of course mysteries with other readers on Twitter @JeanineWrites, Facebook, or at her website

Her debut novel, Lovely Digits, was released in June of 2019 by Soul Mate Publishing. It is a Victorian romantic suspense that won the 2017 Daphne du Maurier Award and was named a 2018 Golden Heart ® Finalist for best unpublished romantic suspense.

Where you can find me:


  1. Thank you, Ami! I so appreciate you stopping in today to celebrate with me! -Jeanine

  2. Replies
    1. I'll take that as a high compliment! And, thank you for stopping in to celebrate with me today!

  3. Happy first birthday, Lovely Digits!

  4. Thank you so much, Alicia! I appreciate all of your support, my Persister! hugs!

  5. Happy Book Birthday and congratulations on your first book! Wishing you many more!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I appreciate you stopping in to celebrate with me today!

  6. Congratulations on your book release!
    I'm thankful that my niece's baby is doing well - she was two months premature.

    1. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! I'm so happy to hear that your niece is doing well! :) Thank you for stopping in celebrate with me today!

  7. Congratulations on the success of LOVELY DIGITS. From the description and excerpt, it sounds like a book I will thoroughly enjoy. Women had so few options for a reputable job back then. This particular one is definitely not one I have seen before in a romance. I look forward to many more unusual characters and stories from you.

    1. Thank you so much Patricia! I was drawn to the idea of writing about a very unknown occupation, and Lucy's story was so much fun to explore. Thank you again for stopping in to celebrate my book birthday!

  8. Happy book birthday! The book sounds really good, would love to read it!

    1. Thank you so much, Martha! I appreciate your book birthday wishes and thank you for stopping in to celebrate with me today!

  9. Happy Book Birthday!! This book is going to be one I read very soon I hope. Your romance story is different from any that I have read before and it has me very interested in reading it. Thank you for writing a book that I hope others will feel the same way.

    1. Thank you, Tammy! My heroine is a bit quirky and unique, which is why I adore her. I hope you will too! :) Thank you for stopping in to celebrate my book birthday!


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