Monday, June 22, 2020

Stale Bread

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I hope you don’t mind me deviating from a suspense story today. I have needed a bit of joy and fun. Recently, I came across a short story I wrote from 1995. The girls in the story are now thirty years old and I hope they can look back and remember the fun we had together.

An entire loaf of bread was now stale on the counter. Two pieces were missing and of the kids running in and out of my house would own up to eating a sandwich. It was a waste. I was upset that the entire loaf would now be toast (literally)  Right until my five year old daughter in all her wisdom asked, “Momma can we go feed the ducks?”

“Maybe later. I’ve got a million things to do. Go on and play.”

Stuck in the house, I kept cleaning on a beautiful afternoon, constantly shooing the kids outside, forcing them to enjoy the sunshine. And I kept cleaning. My daughter poked her head through the door and before I could tell her to play outside again she said, “It’s getting dark-time. Don’t you thinks the ducks are ready for supper?” I laughed out loud but reluctantly told her to get the loaf of stale bread. You see, there was a lot of cleaning left to do.

So I left my house with not only stale bread, but a stale attitude. Kourtney, Caitlin and Amanda bounced down the sidewalk like ping pong balls. The sun was quickly setting on our hill and the world had a nice golden glow. The girls grabbed the bread and threw it in lumps into the water. But everyone had been feeding the ducks that day and none of the little babies would come to our side of the pond. So we sat on the bank watching our stale bread turn to mush.

I sat wondering how quickly I could get the girls up the hill and myself back to work balancing the checkbook. Then the girls noticed the bread disappearing. We got closer and watched tiny fish, medium fish and fat fish munching on our mush. We pretended to be fishing, throwing the lines far across the water and reeling in fish bigger than the girls and dropping them on the bank. None ever got away.

We walked farther along the pond and sat again. The sparrows and blackbirds were in abundance so  Caitlin pretended to fly. Soon we were all flying until we crumbled up more stale bread and dropped it at our feet. We froze into statues but we were still too noisy for the birds to come near. We laughed and laughed while backing away far enough for the birds to come closer.

We watched a sparrow fly across the pond, eat a bite, then pick up a bigger bite to fly back to its nest. As all the bread disappeared again, Kourtney said (not trying to be funny), “That birdie came grocery shopping. Didn’t she Momma.”

I almost cried.

We were out of bread but not sunlight. We laid down in the cool grass and heard water. We closed our eyes and pretended it was a waterfall with a slide for us to land in a deep cold swimming hole. Lying down only lasted a minute. The girls were up running to the top of a small hill. Then running down into my arms as I pretended that we would all fall into the pond. One minute they were laughing and out of breath and the next rolling down the hill again. Running. Rolling. Laughing.

And suddenly, our small world of golden glow was gone and the shadows grew longer and darker. It was time to go home.

But Amanda pretended to be a pony and we all galloped up the sidewalk. When the girls’ legs tired, we linked up and I became an engineer of our train and pulled them back to their homes.

A stake loaf of bread saved me that day. Magical things happened and moments turned into precious memories. What can you do with a stale loaf of bread? You can’t clean the house or balance the checkbook. You have to venture into your child’s arms and let them teach you how to play again.

“I hope my children look back on today and see a mother who had time to play. There will be years for cleaning and cooking. For children grow up...while you’re not looking.”
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  1. I have been staying home... just going out if I need something. I have gotten a few projects done... actually I should be done painting some drawer fronts today... enjoy some moments looking outside or sitting on my back porch and watching the birds visit... a few weeks ago I saw a yellow cardinal, I was shocked... had to look up and see if what I saw was real... yep, real but rare!

    1. A yellow cardinal? I didn't know they existed.

  2. I have been tending my garden. This year it has been so cold that when the warm weather finally came the buds on everything were huge. This promises a lovely garden this year.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm still having trouble reading with the repaired retina.

  4. We always like feeding the ducks.

    Life has been quiet and calm here. Got to love that.

  5. Grocery shopping for relatives.
    Lovely story - thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊! And I bet your relatives are very glad to have your help.

  6. Recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. Ugh! It's hard using only one hand!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in all that "needs" to be done. Some of the best times had with our children or even now with just my husband, weren't the planned outings or projects. They were those spur of the moment "lets escape for a bit" times and just do something fun and/or silly. We are bogged down with our responsibilities, we forget that a break can make those easier to tackle.

    We are still self-isolating. Since March 11 I have gone to a greenhouse for bedding plants, 3 doctor's appointments, and today we looked at a house our son's in-laws are having built. Lets just say their name for it, Castle Quinn, is appropriate. I have worn mask and gloves except today. We were in a large, open unfinished house, moving around, and not too close to each other or outside. I have been working in my many flower beds that have been ignored for the past few years. It is slow going because they are so overgrown, but when they are finished they are so worth it. Our volunteer work has been cut back to several zoom meeting a month.

    1. Hang in there! We're fortunate to have a very large yard and lots of projects!! Stay safe.

  8. Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a wonderful story that reminds us what is realy important. Angi has such a way with words. Her books make us join in the action and cheer for the romance. I'm happy to be reading again after cataract surgery on both eyes. I missed it so much, and now get to experience the thrill of books again.


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