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Girl Long Gone is the first Romantic Thriller I’ve written. This happened by accident when I decided to tell the reader from page one who the bad guy was. No surprise, no decoy, no misunderstanding. Gabriel Wilson is a bad man, and I wanted the reader to know this from page one. To keep the reader turning the page, hopefully on the edge of their seats, I needed to create different twists and different turns. I needed to create a villain who the reader had to keep reading about, getting to know through his own point of view.
Diving into this character took this book into a whole different direction. A direction where not only is there a hero fighting to save the day and a heroine by his side using her on skills to help, but a game of cat of mouse that pits two smart adults against a madman. A madman who has an innocent woman in his clutches and the game will end in life or death of more than one person.

Some people believed money was the root of all evil, but Gabriel Wilson knew they were wrong. He’d always been evil. Money just made his life more fun.
Money had bought him a lot of things in his thirty-two years on Earth. His beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, his summer home in the Hamptons, hell, it had even bought him his flawless reputation. Everyone in New York high society knew who he was and what he represented—class, sophistication, and a hint of mystery many people found appealing.
But most importantly, money had bought him his workshop. A little piece of seclusion in a busy city where he could sneak away unnoticed and concentrate on his true calling in life.
Gabriel strode to the center of the room, and the old wooden planks squeaked beneath his weight. Puffs of stale air swirled around him, sending wisps of what lay under his feet to his flaring nostrils—sawdust, dirt, and the lingering scent of death. His muscles clenched with desire. Too much time had passed since he’d visited the basement. He’d make sure to pay his respects after he got what he came for.
After he got what he needed from her.
A single lightbulb dotted the center of the ceiling, and he yanked the white cord dangling beside it. Brightness illuminated the dark space, but he didn’t blink from the sudden burst of light. He’d anticipated it.
 But she hadn’t.
She squeezed her eyelids shut and jerked away from the penetrating shaft of light like she’d been kicked in the gut. Adrenaline raced through him. He hadn’t even touched her…yet.
“Hello there, Kitty Kat.” He couldn’t keep the lust in his gut from coating his words.
 She was special. He’d known it from the moment he’d found her online dating profile. That’s why he’d fucked up and hadn’t taken his time, hadn’t made sure to keep his identity hidden. He’d have to lay low for a while, which meant he’d have to take his time on this one.
He traced his mouth with his tongue. Taking his time wouldn’t be a problem.
 Narrowed blue eyes opened and sent sparks of hatred his way. Those eyes were what had drawn him in. Sapphire blue against skin the color of creamy mocha. The wild tangle of dark curls was icing on the cake.
 A sliver of pain threatened to steal his pleasure. Her vibrant blue eyes weren’t quite as close to violet, and the dark-haired beauty he longed for had softer curls than the tight coils flowing down his new little pet’s back. But something about Monica Mitchel called to him the same way another young woman had a very long time ago—a young woman he would kill to have back in his arms.
The shrill ring of his phone stole his attention, and irritation rippled through him. A quick glance at the screen showed an unknown number. “This is Gabriel.”
He only half listened to the caller, his gaze locked on his kitty. Monica’s muffled cries couldn’t penetrate the tape across her mouth. A grin slid onto his face, and he fought the urge to chuckle. “Good evening, Officer Sanders. I can come to the station and speak with you whenever you’d like. I’ll do whatever I can to help find this poor woman. I’d hate to think she’s in danger.”

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  1. Yes. I like when a strong, female lead finds a true connection.

  2. Romance isn't necessary and really shouldn't be the main focus. An underlying current of attraction and a growing relations can add to the story.

  3. This sounds like a good book. I LOVE romance in my thrillers.


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