Saturday, May 30, 2020

Benedict's Challenge

Hi, Everyone,

Wow, can you believe it’s almost the beginning of June! I’ve kept myself busy during these strange times being with my family—my favorite thing!—doing my writing—of course!—baking, cross-stitch, and building new Lego sets. I think the latter is because I had two older brothers who wouldn’t let me near their Lego when we were growing up. Now no one is allowed to touch my Lego! The baking cakes is new for me too. My mother was such an amazing cook, so good she used to win competitions for her cake baking, that I have always avoided it. Now I’m baking cakes all the time and my family is loving it!     

Today is publication day of Benedict’s Challenge (Regency Club Venus 3), the 3rd book in the Romantic Suspense and all Amazon #1 series, Regency Club Venus series. Lord Benedict Winter knows Society thinks him cold and arrogant. It was a reputation that didn’t bother him in the slightest until he meets the beautiful Chloe, a young lady living in another gentleman’s household.    

The fourth and last book in this #1 Regency series is Julius’s Passion (Regency Club Venus 4), and it is now available for pre-order on all ebook sites.

MATTEO (Dance with the Devil 1) is also available for pre-order and is the 1st book in a NEW bad boy Contemporary Romantic Suspense series. It will be published on June 26th. You will have briefly met Matteo in BRYCE (Steele Protectors 3), as the brother of the heroine, Bella. Matteo has now taken back control of his London mafia organisation, but to confirm his place with the other mafia families around her world, Matteo agrees to marry the daughter of the New York don, Leonardo Brunelli. It’s really not the time for him to meet Grace Morrissy and want her so badly his desire to be with her is putting her in danger too. Because no one crosses Leon Brunelli and lives, not even Matteo Zalotti.

The second book in this very bad boy series will be LEON (Dance with the Devil 2).     

Stay safe and healthy!

Carole xx

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