Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Meet Stella the French Bulldog from Mission: Impossible to Forget

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Although Mission: Impossible to Forget is a contemporary romantic suspense, there are still details I research. I’ve had great fun learning about French bulldogs since this book features one of these adorable canines.

Stella, Emily’s dog in Mission: Impossible to Forget, isn’t based on Stella in the TV show Modern Family but a real dog I “met” during my time performing for the Seattle ballet. Her owner used to bring Stella backstage to help calm the children before their performance.

In Mission: Impossible to Forget, Stella is companion to professional cellist Emily Hewitt. If you aren’t acquainted with this breed of dog, here are a few characteristics that make them one of the most popular breeds.

·      With large bat ears, French bulldogs are small enough to be suitable for city dwellers. They stand 11-13 inches and weigh under 28 pounds.

·      The breed has an even disposition, is playful, alert, entertaining, and adaptable.

·      Frenchies aren’t excessive barkers, but they are territorial, making them good watchdogs.

·      French bulldogs are “talkative”. They snore, grunt, yip, and make other odd noises.

Watch this video to learn more about French bulldogs.
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Available Now from Jacki Delecki ~ Mission: Impossible to Forget

Professional cellist Emily Hewitt loves nothing more than creating music. Sharing her musical gift with the world is all she lives for. Until her life is threatened. Caught up in a treacherous conspiracy, Emily becomes the pawn in an international play for power and must be assigned a bodyguard.

Former Special-Ops Marine Nick Jenkins, is out of a job and out of patience. Discharged from the Corp because of hearing loss, the last thing he wants to do is babysit someone who’s surrounded by the haunting sounds of music he can no longer appreciate.
When danger turns deadly, will Nick be able to save Emily?

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  1. I love the dog in Rebecca Zanetti's Deep Ops series, Roscoe. He is absolutely hilarious - drinks, loves to wear high heels, and gets into everything. I love when authors put animals in books, especially ones that really add to the story. It makes them so much more fun and interesting. Denise H

    1. Wow! A dog who drinks and wears high heels. I have to rethink my dog characters. Thanks for posting. Jacki

  2. One would be Robo from the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series by Margaret Mizushima .

  3. I'm not familiar with the Timber Creek series, but I love working K-9s!!! I still haven't included one yet in Mission: Impossible Series. More to do. LOL Thanks for posting.

  4. How difficult it must be for someone who can no longer hear music well enough to appreciate it. The series I like that includes dogs is Katie Ruggle's Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit Series. I love a good suspenseful intrigue story. The Mission Impossible series sounds like it would fill those requirements.


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