Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hostile Pursuit

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Hi! I’m Juno Rushdan and thrilled to be here! As a veteran intelligence officer, I use my real-world background supporting special forces to write romantic thrillers with high-octane action, a propulsive storyline, a romance with a ton of heart. My books are for fearless romantics.
The first book in my new Hard Core Justice Thriller series, HOSTILE PURSUIT, just came out!

When ruthless killers target them, even a safe house isn’t safe. Only twenty-four hours remain until marshal Nick McKenna’s informant, Lori Carpenter, will testify against a powerful drug cartel. Nick has kept her safe for an entire year, but now all hell is breaking loose. With a team of cold-blooded assassins closing in, the by-the-book lawman decides to go rogue. He’ll risk his life for duty…and put it all on the line for his irresistible witness.
Nick is a slightly flawed hero who learns that by embracing something in his past he’s ashamed of, it can become a strength that will help him survive. Lori is a heroine hiding a terrible secret. She’s loving, kind, vulnerable, and only grows stronger with every difficulty that she faces.
I not only fell in love with Nick and Lori while writing this, but also the villain. Belladonna is innovative, wicked-smart, and won’t let anything stand in her way.

Here’s what readers are saying:
“This edge of your seat romantic thriller had me hooked from the beginning and didn't let up until the sizzling conclusion.” -David, Goodreads, 5 Stars
“A suspenseful, jam-packed read!! I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to know what would happen next-and it was a lot!”-Jewels Book Blog, Goodreads, 5 Stars
“What a wild ride Hostile Pursuit was from the first page to the last!”-Katie, Goodreads, 5 Stars

Nick looked back in the quiet clothing store, checking on things.

Ted no longer stood stationed at the entrance of the dressing rooms, where he was supposed to be.

Nick touched his Bluetooth earpiece. “Ted? What’s your position? Do you have eyes on Hummingbird?” he asked, using the codename for Lori.

Deafening silence. His pulse spiked, but he remained calm—never one to succumb to panic. He stepped past displays and racks, his gaze scanning, his mind assessing. No sign of Ted. Or the sales associate.

Drawing his gun, Nick hustled toward the dressing rooms.

Anticipation coiled in his chest, adrenaline roaring through him. The weight of his backup piece strapped to his ankle was a small comfort. Nick’s fingers tightened on his Glock. He reached the threshold, scanned left, then right.

Ted lay on the floor beyond the entrance in a corner. Blood soaked his white hair at the base of his skull. Son of a— Ted was down.

There was no time to check if his partner was unconscious or dead. A commotion deeper in the dressing room drew him forward. Two people struggled inside the second stall.

The horror in Lori’s terrified whimper jolted his heart.



Juno is the award-winning author of steamy, action-packed romantic thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat. She writes about kick-ass heroes and strong heroines fighting for their lives as well as their happily-ever-after. As a veteran Air Force Intelligence Officer, she uses her background supporting special forces to craft realistic stories that make you sweat and swoon. Juno currently lives in the DC area with her patient husband, two rambunctious kids, and a spoiled rescue dog. To receive a FREE book from Juno, sign up for her newsletter at Also be sure to follow Juno on BookBub for the latest on sales at

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  1. Color me intrigued. I’m new to this author’s writing but certainly would read this one.

  2. Great excerpt. New to me author and I love reading new authors. I love a good on the edge of your seat read.

  3. Oooo! A witness is set to testify against a drug cartel and cold-blooded assassins are hot on their tale??? Sign me up!!!

  4. It does sound interesting!

  5. I can't wait to read Nick & Lori's story and to see if Lori'll live long enough to testify. Will Nick keep her safe? And most there a HEA after the nail-biting suspense?!
    -Susan S.

  6. HOSTILE PURSUIT sounds like an exciting read.

  7. Harlequin Intrigues have always been a favorite. They are my go to reads when I have enough time to sneak in a quick read. I really like the cover on HOSTILE PURSUIT. It gives the impression of action and impending danger. I enjoyed the excerpts I have read. Best wishes for a successful release. Stay safe and healthy.

  8. Yes it sure piques my interest. Adventurous.


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