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Character Interview – The Dragon’s Staircase

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MG: Craig, how would you describe Alexa?

Craig: This could get me into trouble.

MG: Nah, she’ll have her chance to share a few things about you.

Craig: She’s amazing. Your turn.

MG: Cop out. Alexa is strong yet feminine, tough yet vulnerable. She grew up in Alaska with three brothers, so she knows how to handle herself, but like many women, she’s not immune to doubt, fears, and of course, falling in love. She chose her occupation because of events in her past, and those events drove her to become who she is . . . except she realizes that everything she’d worked toward wasn’t what she ultimately wanted. Her discovery of self—sidetracked by a lot of action and an unexpected someone—is an interesting and exciting journey.

Craig: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Alexa: I liked your “She’s amazing” response.

Craig: Glances at Alexa with a big smile and a wink.

MG: Craig, another one for you. What does Alexa do best?

Craig: She’s great at solving puzzles! Of course, she’d have to be to gain the success she did with the FBI. She’s a great protector, even when she knows she’s up against the worst of mankind, she’s willing to put herself on the line.

Alexa: You put yourself on the line plenty for me. You’re not too bad at puzzles either.

Craig: That’s why we make a great team.

MG: Alexa, what do you think drove Craig to get involved with your case?

Alexa: Craig is ex-Special Forces, so he already has that “save the world” action-based mentality going for him.

Craig: Thanks, Alexa.

Alexa: [winks at Craig] He knew a scared young boy who needed help and keeping the boy out of danger drove him back into the mindset that had been so ingrained. He became really involved and saw the case through to the end.

MG: Was it just for the boy?

Craig: No, it wasn’t.
MG: Uh-huh. I didn’t think so. Craig, did you ever have any doubts?

Craig: Never.

MG: Not even in the beginning? You had a rocky start when you first met Alexa.

Craig: You’re trying to get me into trouble.

MG: I promise I am not.

Craig: It was rocky at first, and I only say this because Alexa remembers it well. She is personable in most situations, but she’s focused and driven in her work. At the end of the day she’d rather be with family, a few close friends, or alone. She really is a different person around people she knows well—full of life and humor. Once I got to know her better, there wasn’t any force in nature that could have pulled me away from the case—or her.

Alexa leans over to kiss Craig.

MG: Okay you two. We’re almost done. Alexa, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Alexa: Craig. But guilt? No, just pleasure.

MG: Don’t blame you. Craig, I’m going to assume Alexa is your . . . well, let’s move on. Craig, what is Alexa’s weakness.

Craig: Family, though it’s not necessarily a weakness. She’d do anything—ANYTHING—for them, and they would for her, and that knowledge in the wrong hands could certainly be a weakness. She also loves chocolate!

Alexa: Everyone loves chocolate.

Craig: Not really.

Alexa: Name one person you know who doesn’t.

Craig: Silence

MG: Alexa, where does Craig go to unwind and regroup?

Alexa: Since we’ve been together, Alaska. He has a remote place in Colorado, but he also travels a lot for work. As long as he’s in nature, he’s pretty happy.

Craig: And when I’m with you.

Alexa: Goes without saying.

MG: Alexa, will you give up three of your deepest, darkest secrets?

Alexa: I’m terrified of losing someone else I love.
I’ve come close to pulling the trigger when I knew there was a better way.
I’m afraid of failure.

Craig pulls her closer to him on the sofa they are sharing.

MG: If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

Alexa: The ability to read minds, but turn it off whenever I didn’t want to listen. It would have come in handy many times throughout my FBI career.

MG: Craig?

Craig: The ability to keep Alexa from harm, no matter what.

MG: I knew there was a reason I love you.

Alexa: Excuse me?

MG: Don’t worry, I love your brothers, too. It’s a happy byproduct of spending so much time with them. Craig is all yours.

Alexa: So long as we’re on the same page.

MG: Tell us one thing you must do before you die, and why?

Alexa: Find whoever took away the people I loved most. They have to pay for what they’ve done.

The Dragon’s Staircase
By McKenna Grey and Everly Archard

A woman haunted by her past. A man willing to do whatever it takes to save her. A killer closing in.

FBI Agent Alexa Kyndall devoted eight years of her life to the search for justice, showing no mercy to the guilty and depraved. When she joins a special task force to bring down a serial killer, Alexa encounters the most unexpected criminal of her career.

When a child witnesses a brutal slaying, Alexa's life becomes intertwined with Craig Pierson's, a man with his own haunted past. They join forces, only to discover they must put everything on the line in a pulse-pounding struggle to protect and survive.

Nestled in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, The Dragon's Staircase is an intriguing, nonstop adventure that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

Praise for The Dragon’s Staircase
The Dragon’s Staircase is a mind-boggling adventure that will keep you guessing until the last page." Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

"Holy smokes! This is one suspenseful, anxiety-ridden, skin-crawling tale of murder, mystery, and psychological creepiness. Looking for a hard-to-figure-out mystery with a side order of nail biting? Then look no further!" —InD’tale Magazine

“THE DRAGON’S STAIRCASE by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard is romantic suspense full of thrills and spine-tingling moments. The twist at the end is as unexpected as it is disconcerting . . . the story keeps you guessing at every turn. This is a great start to a series that promises to be full of wonderful surprises."
Readers’ Favorite

“I’m amazed at how smooth these two authors have combined their talents into one fabulous story." Linda Thompson, Host of

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Series: Kyndall Family Thriller, Book One (stand-alone; no cliffhanger)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content Rating: PG-13. No graphic sex. The violence isn't gory, but it's there. Mild language and not much of that.
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Author Bios

McKenna Grey is the contemporary alter-ego of an award-winning, historical romance author. She writes romantic suspense and thrillers where she blends touches of romance with gripping adventure and mystery. She also writes small-town, contemporary novelettes to break up the murder and mayhem. McKenna enjoys a quiet life in the Rocky Mountains where she manages to stay out of the trouble her characters can't seem to avoid. Visit her online at

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Everly Archard is the pseudonym of an award-winning paranormal and fantasy romance author. Her passion for romance with an edge led her to explore the world of romantic suspense.

Excerpt from The Dragon’s Staircase

From a random place in the book . . .

Tepid water rushed down Alexa’s neck as a shudder overtook her entire body. Her fingers gripped the edges of the porcelain sink as though it were a life raft. She told herself it was the changing weather bringing a chill over her blood and not the visions of heart-wrenching pain she’d endured. But that was a lie. Alexa knew exactly what had elicited the response.


But he was dead. She watched the life seep from him before she was pulled to safety. Yet here he was haunting her as if he’d defied the grave.

She lifted her head until she met her own reflection in the mirror. Shame filled her heart as she recognized the look on her face: fear. She grabbed a brown paper towel from the dispenser, wiping down her sweat and water-dampened skin. She let the stiff edges grate against the soft flesh of her cheeks until they were tender. Alexa Kyndall didn’t fear anything, and she wasn’t about to start now.

She stood upright, straightening her shoulders as she took a deep breath. There was no way she was going back out there until she’d pulled it together. She wouldn’t give the smug bastard the satisfaction of seeing her like this. Weak, frail, broken. She smoothed her ponytail, licked her lips, and pulled her emotions inward until her face reflected a calm mask of civility.

If she was lucky, she’d leave without incident. She grabbed the jacket she’d discarded earlier off the floor and slipped out of the bathroom.

End of Excerpt © McKenna Grey and Everly Archard

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  1. Suspense was the first type of fiction I started reading and still my favorite. I have not read the other books in the series and it sounds like I should. This story is set not far from where I live which brings extra interest to it. I look forward to reading their books.

  2. Interesting couple.


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