Thursday, February 13, 2020

Undercover Rebel

With: Lena Diaz

Congratulations to "Colleen C.", the winner in Lena's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

The long-awaited final book of the Mighty McKenzie series is here! UNDERCOVER REBEL is available now for pre-order. Print format releases on February 18th in the US. Ebook releases on March 1st.

Meet the youngest McKenzie brother, Ian. Find out what really happened years ago to cause a rift between him and his family. Will they be able to heal the scars of the past and become a complete, close-knit family once again?


Keeping his true identity a secret is the only way to complete his undercover mission…

Shannon Murphy has no idea her neighbor is a Homeland Security agent working undercover to break up a human trafficking ring. Ian McKenzie wants to keep it that way. Until the mission to rescue Shannon’s friend from the same abductors Shannon escaped goes south, plunging her into mortal danger. After keeping secrets, can Ian convince Shannon to trust him with her life?

“Hey, big bully. Back off. Now,” Shannon called through the open window. “Ian, get in.” The passenger door popped open beside him. “Stay back, jerk,” she called to Adam, “or I’ll put a hole in you.”

Ian squinted toward the car. She was pointing his .357 Magnum at Adam with no clue that he was Ian’s brother. And he couldn’t tell her without blowing his cover. Things had just gone from bad to about ten levels worse than that. He wobbled to his feet just as Adam brought up his Glock.

“Drop it, lady,” Adam ordered.

Ian staggered between them, using his bruised and battered body as a shield, hoping they both didn’t start a shoot-out with him in the middle. He rarely wore a Kevlar vest while undercover, just in case a bad guy wanted to see proof that he wasn’t wearing a wire. Now he was reconsidering the sanity of that decision.

“Ergmrph.” He shook his head in defeat. Either his brain was scrambled or the cut in his mouth was garbling his words. Probably both.

“Ian, get out of the way.” Adam jerked his gun down.


He forced his uncooperative legs to shuffle and fell back into the car.

Adam’s gun came up.

Ian threw himself against Shannon, once more acting as her human shield.

Adam swore and yanked his gun down.

“Go.” Ian’s order came out a pained grunt, but must have gotten the message across.

The car took off, the momentum slamming the passenger door shut. Ian couldn’t hold on and rolled back the other way, crunching his ruined arm between his body and the door before managing to twist around and fall back into the seat. His garbled curses were the last thing he heard before surrendering to the darkness.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! If you didn’t catch the other McKenzie books before this one, they’re available at all major online retailers. Check out my website for a list of all four.

I’m giving away the entire four-book set to one randomly chosen commenter on this blog post. Just tell me your favorite series that features brothers and why you love it so much!

Happy reading!

Lena Diaz

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  1. For some reason more historical series come to mind, for example, Texas Trilogy by Lorraine Heath, Seven Brides Series by Leigh Greenwood, Mackenzies & McBrides Series by Jennifer Ashley... As for contemporary romances, I enjoyed Bonner brothers (Chicago Stars Series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips) and Quinn brothers (Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts).

    Romance readers love bromance in their books, be it real brothers or friends. Brothers are often competitive among themselves, but there isn't a thing they wouldn't do for one another.

  2. I have enjoyed quite a few series with brothers... one that I have been reading lately is Vivian Arend's Borealis Bears.

  3. The montana marshal series by Susan May Warren

  4. Favorite series featuring brothers is Rebecca Zanetti's Sin Brothers series! It's romantic suspense with a sci-fi aspect! Thanks for the chance to win! The book sounds great and I enjoyed the excerpt!

    1. Oops! The reason I love the series is because through the books, the family connection is the glue and backbone that holds the series together. And I love reading about the family bond the brothers have!

  5. Love all these answers and am taking notes! ~ Lena Diaz

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I just read the blurbs for your McKenzie Brothers' series. All sound good and what I expect when I pick up a Harlequin Intrigue. Best of all, this series takes place in my neck of the woods, the Smokies. Since I try not to read a series until I have all the books in it, I can now look for them and settle in for a good binge reading session. Best wishes for a successful release of UNDERCOVER REBEL.

  7. That is a hard question. There have been many over the years, many in the Harlequin Intrigue series. Julie Miller's Taylor Clan series is the first I remember. It gave a good look at a close knit family dedicated to public service. More recently I have been reading Linda Brody's historical western's. Her Men Of Legend series follows 3 brothers and they appear in her followup series Outlaw Mail Order Brides. They are men dedicated to settling Texas and bringing law and order to the area. It is another series that gives a good depiction of what the area was like int the 1880's and what it took to survive and thrive. The following series is a continuation of their efforts to settle and bring order to the area.

  8. I love this series and already have all four books !!
    Smooches to Lena !!


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