Saturday, February 22, 2020

Gabriel's Torment

Hi, Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

This looks like being a very busy year for me, with the release of at least 9 new books. I’ll also have original stories in a couple of boxed sets toward the end of the year. Amongst all that I’m hoping to get in a couple of vacations, one of which is the Orient Express to Venice in April. It was one of those things on my bucket list, so doubly excited about this! We are also moving home on the Isle of Man in the summer—to the house next door! The family home is now way too big with 5 of our sons having moved to England, so we’re moving into the house next door, which was originally my husband’s offices. That’s also exciting, choosing new carpets and curtains etc. So a very busy 2020 ahead!

I’m happy to announce that Friday 21st February was release day of the second book in the Romantic Suspense, Regency Club Venus series, Gabriel’s Torment (Regency Club Venus 2). As the owner of Club Venus, a gentlemen’s club where wealthy and titled men come to meet and bed the beautiful and available ladies who reside there, Gabriel Templeton believes himself to be beyond being shocked when it comes to women. Except one young lady is definitely about to surprise him. That, along with the attacks on gentlemen as they leave Club Venus, has Gabriel tormented in more ways than one!

The 3rd book in this Regency romantic suspense series, Benedict’s Challenge (Regency Club Venus 3) is now available for Pre-Order. Lord Benedict Winter knows Society thinks him cold and arrogant, and that they are scandalized he uses his physician’s skill to care for the ladies at Club Venus, as well as the poor. It was a reputation that didn’t bother him in the slightest until he meets and is attracted to Chloe, a young lady he discovers living in another gentleman’s household.     

LUCAN is the 6th and last book in the Steele Protectors Romantic Suspense series, and is now available for pre-order with a release date of 27th March. Lucan is scarred from his years in the military, inside as well as out. When he’s given the task of protecting Rachel, an art historian, he doesn’t expect her to be so beautiful and fiery. Rachel makes no effort to hide how irritated she is by his high-handed behaviour in carrying her off ‘for her own protection’, especially when he won’t explain exactly who asked him to do the protecting.

LUCAN is the last book in the Steele Protectors series but I will be announcing the pre-order of MATTEO (Dance with the Devil 1) the 1st book in my NEW Contemporary Romantic Suspense series, next month.

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Carole xx

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Buy Link for Benedict’s Challenge (Regency Club Venus 2)
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Buy link for LUCAN (Steele Protectors 6)
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