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The Inspiration of Ancestry

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Inspiration is a funny thing. When I was a young child, my grandmother subscribed to a magazine called Ireland of the Welcomes. One day she showed me a picture of a young girl on the cover that at the time, could have been my twin. That may have been the spark of inspiration that stuck with me until the day I sat down to write Inherent Truth.

I used to lose myself in glossy pages of lush Irish landscapes, peopled by smiling faces that resembled my own. I pictured myself there, and although I never dreamed that those moments spent flipping through my grandmother’s magazine stash would inspire an entire series, they certainly played a role when time reared its ugly head and my grandmother’s health began to decline. During that time, I found solace in those pages and even today feel closer to her when I thumb through my own bimonthly subscription.

But what does that have to do with a paranormal suspense series? You see, those moments became part of me. And later, when news of my birthmother’s death arrived in the form of a letter penned by a half-sister I didn’t know appeared at my door, a perfect storm of inspiration was born. My grandmother’s decline and my birthmother’s death were two completely unrelated events, but both left me with a boatload of questions and no one left to answer them. And as any reader knows, a writer with unanswered questions is a book waiting to happen. The questions I had about my own history, both biological and familial, evolved into a need to create a character with the capability to uncover the truth. Enter Inherent Truth’s heroine, Liv Sullivan, an Irish-American with a slew of family secrets only a psychic could uncover. I couldn’t wait to dive in and explore some of my own ancestral questions through Liv’s eyes.

Inherent Truth is my debut novel and the first book of the Blood Secrets Saga, a series birthed by loss and the ramifications of dementia, it’s a blend of psychological thriller and romantic suspense with light paranormal elements. The series explores the push and pull of human emotion, particularly trust–both in others and ourselves. It’s the story of Liv Sullivan, a reluctant psychic beckoned back to her small Ohio hometown by her grandmother’s ghost. As Liv struggles to piece together the reason behind her grandmother’s visit, her path collides with undercover agent Ridge McCaffrey, a man on a mission of his own. But when unspoken truths and a series of discoveries threaten to expose them both, the truth becomes clear­–some family secrets are best kept buried.

And of course, those days spent flipping through my grandmother’s magazines make an appearance as Liv’s journey continues. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy meeting Liv’s grandmother, Grace, in this excerpt from Inherent Truth:

Grandma’s pale blue dressing gown fluttered gently against sun-starved legs. How many Saturday mornings had I come downstairs to the kitchen at Sullivan farm to see exactly this image? For anyone else, that’s what this would be–a memory-induced dream, a creation of the subconscious. But not for me.
The blue of her gown, coupled with the stream of light filtering through an imaginary window, added a shimmer to her eyes. My grandmother had the most beautiful eyes. Rich pools of pale cornflower blue that twinkled when she laughed. A knot rose in my throat. How I longed to hear that laugh.
“Do you remember this one, Liv?” She looked at me. Her gaze pulling like the fingers of some unseen force, coaxing me to join her at the table. I worked my toes into the carpet beneath my feet and I stood from the side of the bed, shuffling toward the vignette in front of me. She pushed a grainy photograph across well-worn oak as I slid into the chair opposite her. The spindles of the oak chair pressing into my spine were the only proof I’d moved from my perch on the bed.
“I took that when he was on a weekend leave in Germany. Can you believe I flew all the way over there just for a weekend with your grandfather?” A light chuckle, like a breeze through well-tuned wind chimes, escaped her lips.
I smiled at the mischievous glint in my grandma’s watery blue eyes. “I bet he was glad you made the effort.”
She reached her hand to cover mine and gave a squeeze. The warmth of her touch spiraled a note of helplessness down my spine as I battled the nugget of comprehension that explained her appearance. I clenched my jaw against the tears pricking at the backs of my eyes, determined to focus on the smiling faces of my young grandparents, primitively colorized in the photograph in front of me. They’d looked so happy.
“It’s time.” Playfulness evaporated from her voice. “You ignored the warning, but you can’t ignore your legacy.”
Inherent Truth is available today
The next installment in the Blood Secrets Saga, Inherent Lies, releases March 17th and is available for Preorder here.

Meet the Author:
Alicia Anthony’s first novels were illegible scribbles on the back of her truck driver father’s logbook trip tickets. Having graduated from scribbles to laptop, she now pens novels of psychological suspense in the quiet of the wee morning hours. A full-time elementary school Literacy Specialist, Alicia hopes to pass on her passion for books and writing to the students she teaches. Her works of fiction have been nominated for numerous awards, including the Golden Heart®, Claymore, and Daphne DuMaurier Award for Mystery/Suspense. The second installment of the Blood Secrets Saga, Inherent Lies, was a 2018 Silver Quill Award winner. Alicia finds her inspiration in exploring the dark, dusty corners of the human experience.

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  1. I would ask my maternal grandmother why her step father raised her. Did her father die if so when?

  2. This is a great one, Kim! Thanks for joining in!

  3. I would have to ask my Mother In Law why she didn't go to the hospital when we told her too after she was having chest pains. She passed away 2 days later from a 2nd heart attack she had. Miss her everyday.

  4. I would ask my grandparents about their faith. They passed away before I became a Christian and hope they were believers.

  5. I would love to know about my great grandfather's life in Sicily.

  6. My grandmother had a very interesting early life. I'd love to know more.

  7. Some questions are difficult to share.

  8. I wouldn't want to ask anything to a person who had passed away. I'm too superstitious for that.

  9. The on question I would as would be why did you not want to tell us anything about our family history? I asked my grandparents many times about our ancestry, but never got much information. My mother's father always dismissed it with a "Why do you want to know that?" I do know they are descended from the original French settlers. My paternal grandparents were a bit more forthcoming. I would really like to ask them more about what they know about our ancestors. My grandmother is descended from the original French settlers in Canada. My grandfather's people came to Canada from Ireland during the Potato Famine and married into French lines. Both families crossed the New York and Quebec border to settle in NY along the border. I remember my grandparents and aunt going into Quebec to visit "the cousins." Sadly I never met them. The only thing I do know is they spoke French and little or no English. The same is true of my mother's family, but I know virtually nothing about them. Thankfully, my brother has become very good at genealogical research and is filling in a lot of blanks. I hope to go to Ireland to see if I can get the information to push our family history back further.

  10. During the last few weeks of her life, my great aunt couldn’t speak and barely move. She seemed agitated whenever I left to get home (to get fresh clothes etc). I wish I could talk to her, ask her what she wish to say to me those last few weeks.

  11. I would like to know more about my paternal grandfather's life, but the main question I'd like to ask my grandpa is: Why did he marry a woman who was 13 years older than him? For money? Love? Some other reason? She was a school teacher and he was a farmhand when they met. She was spinster material at that point --- back in the 1930's! Their only child thought they were an odd pairing, but they stayed married for over 40 years until my grandpa's death.

    Karin 56381


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