Monday, December 2, 2019

Researching Characters - Mission Impossible to Forget

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Music is an important element in Mission: Impossible to Forget (releasing February 2020). Emily Hewitt is a professional cellist and her life revolves around music. Nick Jenkins is a former Special-Ops Marine who’s struggling with hearing loss, which has devastated his life.

I wanted to better understand Emily’s passion, so I’ve been researching and listening to professional cellists, primarily Jacqueline du PrĂ©. She was an amazing talent. You can enjoy one of her performances on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

Part of what I’ve learned about professional musicians is how singularly focused they are on their art. As an author, this provides strong conflict between my characters. How does Emily deal with the distraction of her feelings for Nick? How does a strong, alpha male like Nick deal with an independent woman who may–or may not–want his intrusion into her life?

I’m still not sure how they will find their way to happy-ever-after, but that’s part of the fun in writing romance!


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Coming Soon from Jacki Delecki ~ Mission: Impossible to Forget

Professional cellist Emily Hewitt loves nothing more than creating music. Sharing her musical gift with the world is all she lives for. Until her life is threatened. Caught up in a treacherous conspiracy, Emily becomes the pawn in an international play for power and must be assigned a bodyguard.

Former Special-Ops Marine Nick Jenkins, is out of a job and out of patience. Discharged from the Corp because of hearing loss, the last thing he wants to do is babysit someone who’s surrounded by the haunting sounds of music he can no longer appreciate.
When danger turns deadly, will Nick be able to save Emily?
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