Wednesday, November 27, 2019


So, there's always a lot of talk in the author world and in the reader world about tropes. Which ones we love, which ones we hate. And everybody is on all ends of the spectrum. But here's the thing, a trope is that because people fell in love with it. And it's only bad when written poorly. All my books are the tropes I'm trash for. I just try to bury the trope down as deep as a I can. 

Shattered is the bodyguard trope mixed with second chances. I adore both. And after reading a wonderful book by Dean Koontz called The Good Guy, I had an itch to pen a romantic suspense. The urge doubled when I found the image currently the book's cover. My mind was off and running. 

But I did some research. I asked around. I knew there had to be elements within the genre readers cringe at. In all my books, I strive to write masculine men who fiercely adore their women. True alphas without the "eau de douche." You know? 

It became my goal to make sure Mara never did anything dumb in the name of bravery where Shay would have to swoop in and save her. And Shay is the silent type. He's my first really quiet guy. Shay acts. Not talks. But he's got that undercurrent of danger I just love. 

I can't give too much away about the book. You might have to give this novella a chance. And I hope you do. 


They said it was nothing--that she was being paranoid. 

When it was just the coffee shop, she believed them. But when the man in the long brown coat starts appearing everywhere Mara Engle goes, nothing anyone says can take away the fear pricking at her. 

The night he appears on her balcony, she doesn't stop to ask herself why she's suddenly calling the man she left ten years ago. In that moment, the sound of Shay's voice is her only comfort. 

The chase is on. Every time there's a moment to breathe, that brown coat looms closer. Why her? How does he know Shay's name? 

A villain with violence in his eyes. A woman caught by fear. And the man who won't lose the love he once called his own. 

Ready? Set. Run. 

Bree M. Lewandowski takes her readers for a ride in this romantic suspense novella!

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