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Lovin’ Undercover

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The Ranger is the conclusion of my west Texas Watchmen series and has one of my favorite covers from Harlequin. I adore the fact they gave my hero and Toby (the heroine’s son) matching shirts. Toby has a bit of hero worship, wanting to be just like the mechanic working for his mom and Mitch has a bit of dad-envy. Everyone believes Mitch to be a drifter when he’s really an undercover Texas Ranger. Here’s a cute excerpt about Mitch & Toby: The Ranger on JRS. I hope you’ll give my West Texas Watchmen series a try if you haven’t already.

A FUN PICTURE during the release of THE RANGER: Going into a bookstore with my husband is always fun for me. Not only does he enjoy looking at what’s on the shelves, but he always pulls up one of my book covers on their displays. 

Here’s one the first kiss excerpt, from Brandie’s POV:

The evening cook had finished his cleanup and headed for home. Brandie looked through the serving window where her mechanic put the last of the dishes away.

“I sure am glad you could help out this afternoon, Mitch. I had no idea we’d get busy after I sent the staff home. But I think we made bread money this month.”

“Not a problem. Do buses normally just pull up outside with no warning?”

“I gave the driver our number. He’s going to check with us next time. He said he thought his charter company had called. Thanks for suggesting some of the customers shop before eating.”

She gathered the bills from the cash register and went to the back room to place the bag in the safe. She’d make the deposit  on her day off or take a break when one of the part timers worked.

“For a morning that started out questionable,” Mitch said from the front of the café, “it turned out well for you.” He stepped away from the jukebox and her favorite song started playing.
It brought a smile to her lips every time she heard it. Tonight was no exception. Especially since Mitch had chosen something she liked. So he’d noticed what music she played when she was here alone? Duh. He could hear it in his room at the back of the garage.

“You’re absolutely right. A bad start but an awesome finish.” She took the hand he extended and swung into his arms. When their fingers touched she thought about Rey wanting her to get Mitch away from the garage. Only a split second thought because she was ready for a moment of not thinking at all. A moment to let her mind rest and just feel nice swaying to the music.

Feeling Mitch’s arms around didn’t hurt either. He was an expert dancer and it was so easy to lean her ear against his chest and let him weave them between the tables. She could sweep and mop early in the morning.

Right now, it felt wonderful being held by someone taller than herself. She loved having her son’s arms around her and missed him terribly on days like today when she worked from open to close. But there was something about a man guiding you around a dance floor, trusting him to protect you.

“I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. Probably before Toby was born.”

“No talking. Just enjoy the music.”

Brandie relaxed and let him lead with confidence. The next song was country swing. With gentle nudges at her waist, his strong hands had her performing fancy dance moves she’d never dreamed of before. When the song was over they were both laughing and she leaned in to hug him.

“That felt so good.” She craned her neck backward to look up into his eyes.

“Then we need to do it again.” He leaned toward her.

Brandie didn’t dodge him. His lips were amazingly soft for a man, but still firm. Tall, lean, comforting, protective, strong…all were good words to describe him. The scruff from his five o’clock shadow teased her cheek and she kissed him back, drinking in his taste and trying to remember the last exciting thrill she’d had.

Then it hit her. The last dance and intimate kiss had been saying goodbye. She jerked back, bumping into a table and scooting the chair a little across the floor. “I…um…I’m afraid I’ve given you the wrong impression, Mitch.”

“It was just a kiss. I doubt your boyfriend will get upset.”

Not a boyfriend. But Rey would be more upset that she hadn’t let the kiss continue and progress to an overnight stay at her house.

“Oh, I’m not dating anyone. I can’t. I don’t have any intention of dating at all. I have a son to raise. There’s just no time for a relationship.”

“I wouldn’t think a dance and kiss meant we had a relationship. But let’s say it does. What’s wrong with a man in your life who understands your commitments and doesn’t want to take you away from them? I like Toby. He’s a terrific kid. You’ve done a great job.” He took a step, pushed his hand through his hair.

He had a very frustrated look on his face that didn’t match the complimentary words he spoke aloud.

“Thanks, that means a lot. I better lock up now.” She fished the keys from her pocket and was ready to think more about their moment once she got home.

He snagged her hand and twirled her back in front of him. “You didn’t answer my question. What’s the big deal about having a little fun? I’d love it if Toby could come, too.”

“It’s going to just break his heart when you leave.” Hers was going to ache a little, too. “I can’t do that to him.” To us.

“Here I am asking you on a date and you’ve got me leaving town, breaking a kid’s heart. How did that happen? You firing me for asking the boss out?”

“No, of course not.” The bell over the door rang, letting them both know someone had walked into the café. Mitch released her.

Here’s what readers said about The Ranger:
“I loved this book. I like the fact that Brandie has a kid. I like the way Brandi has a sense of humor and the way Mitch and her work together. This book is the third book in the series. I haven't read the first two, and it didn't matter. This book stands alone and doesn't ruin what had happened in the first two with the characters that are still in this one. I can't wait to read the other two. You won't be disappointed in reading this book..” Theresa on GoodReads, 5 stars

Want a Series to read? In THE RANGER (West Texas Watchmen book 3) you’re with an undercover Ranger as a Mechanic who is trying to stop guns and drugs being brought in from the border and also trying to keep the beautiful spitfire of a red-headed manager who owns the cafe and garage safe from the bad guys. All the while trying not to fall for her and her son. Action Packed with gun and drug smuggling and a kidnapping to falling in love at the end.” Bonnie on GoodReads, 5 stars

“Let me tell you… Angi knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Mitch is hot and strong and not afraid to back down but knows when to let a woman make her own choices (Brandie). Brandie is strong-willed and has a one track mind when it comes to her family and ready to jump in with both feet to get the job done. I totally love this book. I hope you all love it too.” Misty on Amazon, 5 stars

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Do you like undercover stories?


  1. I love undercover stories due to the added aspect of danger.

  2. I have a soft spot for men with kids on the cover. :) I also enjoy undercover stories!

  3. There is always a great deal of suspense in an undercover story. I like that.

  4. Undercover and on the run stories are among my favorites. It is one of the reasons the INtrigue line is a favorite.

    1. My last book with Intrigue but am writing more books just like them.

  5. I love undercover stories.

    Looking forward to more books from you, Angi, even if they aren't with Intrigue.


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