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Author Q&A with Tami Lund

With: Tami Lund

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Q: Congratulations on the recent release of the first two books in the Tough Love series. And the third book releases next week, right?

A: Thank you! And yes, you are correct. Since I wrote these books a few years ago and they were all three ready to go live, I decided on a rapid release, because I believe once you start reading them, you won’t want to stop, and I didn’t want to make readers wait for months in between releases.

Q: That’s fantastic. So tell me, what makes these books so “unputdownable”?

A: The characters, mostly, but also the pace, as well as the settings. It’s funny, in my mind, these books are all connected, yet they actually occur in three different states. Naked Truth is based in New Orleans, with our hero, Jack Boudreaux, working out of the Nola FBI field office. Undercover Heat occurs in the Detroit area, and both the hero and heroine are FBI agents based there. Then, Delicious Deception actually covers three states: our hero, Connor, who is a chef, starts out at a casino in north Louisiana, and then goes on the run and ends up in a small town in northeast Texas. As the book progresses, he gets tangled up with Jack from Naked Truth, who, at one point, takes him to Detroit.

Q: Tell us about the characters.

A: Well, Jack Boudreaux from Naked Truth is an FBI agent living in New Orleans. He’s a playboy, perfectly content with short-term hookups, not really interested in falling in love. At his partner’s wedding, he meets a beautiful, shy nurse, Kennedy St. George, who decides a one-night stand with Jack is exactly what she needs to get over feeling sorry for herself as a result of her divorce, which happened several years ago. They end up sneaking away from the wedding reception for a steamy moment in the limo, and then they part as friends, figuring it’ll never happen again.

Except, of course, they can’t stop thinking about each other, because not only did they connect physically, but emotionally as well (not that either one will admit that). In the meantime, Jack goes undercover as a male stripper, which leaves him feeling rather randy each night, so he keeps showing up on Kennedy’s doorstep…and she keeps letting him in cuz she’s enjoying this fling too.

As Jack’s case unfolds around them (and eventually, Kennedy gets caught in the middle), we get to enjoy it as these two characters grow and come to realize that falling in love isn’t such a bad thing after all. It’s really quite sweet, despite the very scary murders that keep occurring!

UndercoverHeat is, admittedly, my favorite of the three books, and that’s all because of Quinn Daniels, the hero. He’s so broken at the beginning, yet even from the first page, there are glimpses of the strong, confident man he has the capacity to become. You see, his father was a career criminal who beat and ultimately killed Quinn’s mom, and Quinn feels responsible, believing he should have done more to save her. So you can imagine he has some huge hang-ups about relationships.   

Then there’s Kyra Sanders, our heroine, who had the idealistic, perfect life until a year ago when her seemingly loving fiancĂ© cheated on her—with the perp Kyra had been tracking in her latest case. Now, she and Quinn have been assigned to go undercover as husband and wife to solve that particular case, and she hates the fact that she’s attracted to him, because she refuses to mix business and pleasure again.

Yeah, these two have a lot of internal conflict to overcome before they can find their happily ever after!

The last book in the series is Delicious Deception, and it’s a little different than the first two in that the hero and heroine aren’t FBI agents. Connor Rikeland is a chef with dreams of grandeur, and Emily Kate Boudreaux is—yep—Jack’s younger sister, who runs a restaurant but dreams of being an artist. Connor sees something he wasn’t supposed to, and goes on the run from the bad guys and the FBI both. Of course, the FBI agent on the case is Emily Kate’s brother, Jack, which only complicates this fast-paced storyline.

Connor doesn’t have any issues with falling in love, but he does have issue with putting down roots in a small town in north Texas, which is where Emily Kate lives. He’s spent his entire adult life striving to be a world-famous chef, and that dream is in direct conflict with his feelings for Emily Kate—not to mention, he’s actually been lying to her from the first moment they met.

Emily Kate, for her part, has always felt suffocated by her family, who, while well-meaning and loving, have never allowed her to live on her own terms. She runs the family restaurant because they expect her to, and she rarely dates because her imposing FBI agent brother scares off every potential suitor. Oh yeah, this thing she has going on with Connor is not going to go over well with Jack! Especially not after he figures out that Connor is connected to his most recent case.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: How about a thank you for having me on the blog? And thank you to readers, for reading, and hopefully enjoying my books. And lastly, yes, I do intend to add to this series. There are a few secondary characters who I think need to find their happy ever afters. It will be fun to see if readers can figure out which ones I’m thinking of!

Excerpt from Naked Truth:

“Do you sort of wish the locals had kept this one?” Jack asked his partner.
“Yes,” Cullen agreed, a scant moment before their boss walked into the office and tossed a manila file folder onto his desk.
He was a hardened man with small, sharp eyes and a thick, salt and pepper mustache. His head was bald and shiny. He’d spent thirty years in the field before finally giving in to pressure from his superiors and accepting a director position, which forced him to spend more time behind a desk but no less time on the job. He was a tough boss, but a good one, and he’d taught Cullen and Jack everything they knew about being solid field agents.
“Too damn bad,” Hank said as he dropped heavily into the creaking, faux leather chair behind the desk. “Like we already suspected, this is connected to that murder down in Houston. And five others in three states. This is an FBI case, whether we want it or not.”
Jack shrugged and leaned against the wall, crossing his ankles and his arms. “We get to learn about a different lifestyle at any rate. Unless you’re familiar with this particular lifestyle, Cullen?” he teased his partner.
“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve only ever hung out at strip clubs that feature women. Half-naked men don’t do it for me.”
“How about the women who fawn over those half-naked men?” Hank suggested as he opened the file. “Do they do it for you? Because you two are going undercover to figure this thing out.”
 He and Cullen exchanged uneasy glances. Undercover? At a traveling all male revue?



Book One in the Tough Love Series

He’s a playboy FBI agent, working undercover as a male stripper. She’s a burned divorcee, struggling to make ends meet and embarrassed by how her marriage ended.
They both insist it’s a no-strings-attached affair.
Until she gets caught up in his case.
Now, both their hearts and lives are in danger.

Released: 10/8/2019

Other books in the series:
Undercover Heat – released 10/15/2019
Delicious Deception – releasing 10/22/2019

Author Biography
Tami Lund is an author, a wine drinker, an award winner, and a lover of romance. She writes happily ever afters of both the contemporary and paranormal kind. There’s probably a new release coming soon. You should sign up for her newsletter so you know when: http://www.subscribepage.com/Tami_Lund

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