Friday, September 27, 2019

The Analyst

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Hello fellow romantic suspense lovers!
I’m so thrilled to be back on Just Romance Suspense. I’m even more excited to announce that The Analyst, Book 2 from the D’Azzo family series released on September 24th. The Analyst has been called a “fabulous thriller romance” and an “intelligent, fast-paced, beautifully written story”. 
Tonight I’m taking a much needed break to watch the first episode of CBS’ Blue Bloods’ tenth season. Suspense dramas, like Blue Bloods and The D’Azzo Family series, draw the audience in by connecting us to our basic need for family through complex yet gripping, action-packed storylines. A strong family, in all its unique forms, can give us a foundation, but it can’t protect us from challenges life throws at us. 
As a romantic suspense author, I create a world where I allow the unthinkable. In The D’Azzo Family series, Joe D’Azzo, husband, father, decorated detective, is murdered by a sniper’s bullet. And that’s not a spoiler. It’s on the back cover of book 1, The Eyewitness. Why would l do such a thing? This one act drives the suspense element throughout the entire series, captivating my audience, and hopefully, keeping them reading into the night. 
Each season, the writers of Blue Bloods introduce a similar act, ripping into one or all of the Reagans. I can’t help fast-forwarding through the commercials as quickly as I can as my blood pulses a little harder from one episode to the next. I relate to their experiences because emotional pain and grief are feelings we all understand, and I – for one - want good to conquer evil. By the end of my series, The Protector, Book 3, the D’Azzo family will triumph. 
Romance dominates my books. I believe love gives us the power to overcome anything and is what binds us to family. There is nothing that brings me more pleasure than creating that deep, lasting love for my couples. Blue Bloods is not a romantic suspense drama, but romance exists. Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko’s journey toward each other was delightful to watch and I cried at their wedding.  Emotions that involve the heart, relatable. I will always write happy endings. On a personal note, this month, I celebrate my thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. I know this thing called happily-ever-after well.
Love and connections are what attracts us to great books, television and movies. They give us hope. If you’re looking for something to watch, try Blue Bloods.  The D’Azzo Family series introduces another great law enforcement family you might enjoy. 

The Eyewitness and The Analyst are both on sale for $0.99 until September 28th.
That it’s today. I wish you great health and contentment. 
Hugs to all, 
Nancy C. Weeks

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 About Nancy C. Weeks
Nancy C. Weeks has loved happy-ever-after romances since her early teens. She met and married her hero at the University of Texas. She spent the next several years honeymooning and working overseas. Today, she lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she enjoys spending her days writing suspenseful happily-ever-after adventures outside on the deck as the local bird population keeps her company. When she is not writing, Nancy loves to blog about fascinating people, both real and fictional. The one quote that kept her dream alive:
“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
~Thomas Edison~

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  1. The books sound great! I like a family-centered story. I've added the books to my TBR list!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth H. I'm from a large family so it's a world I love writing about.

  3. Nancy, congratulations on the acclaim for and success of The Analyst. I'm moving it to the top of my list. And thank you for echoing my feelings about Blue Bloods--my kids don't get my addiction. lol Wishing you continued success!

  4. This does sound exciting. I do enjoy reading about the "unthinkable".

  5. Nancy, Blue Bloods is a favorite in our house, too. Some of the best suspense series I have read have involved families. When dealing with law enforcement and firefighters, there do tend to be "family dynasties." That type of service creates an atmosphere that forms the family's values and behavior. You are a new to me author and I look forward to reading this series.

    1. It's so nice to meet a fellow Blue Bloods fan, Patricia. The first question I ask when interviewing someone in law enforcement is how do you walk out the door, and to their spouse, family, love one, how do you let them go. Thank you for stopping by. xxoo


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