Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hi, Everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a good summer? Our weather in the UK has been…changeable, is probably the kindest way to describe it. In other words, it’s been our usual couple of days of sunshine and then days of rain. The former is the perfect weather for reading a good book on the beach or in the garden, and the rain is the perfect weather for me to stay at home and write those books. Win-win, for me!  

This weekend sees the publication of ROURKE (Steele Protectors 4). The suave and sophisticated Rourke shows there is much more to him than on the surface when the woman he loves is put in danger.

HAYDN (Steele Protectors 5), my 250th book, is now available for pre-order. Haydn is known as the computer hacker of the family. But he also has another, more deadly talent. When Hailey Frost is threatened he won’t hesitate to use it.

Also available for pre-order is Bastian’s Surrender (Regency Club Venus 1), the first in a NEW Regency Romantic Suspense series. Bastian’s Surrender was previously published in the Christmas anthology titled Seduced Under the Mistletoe. It has had 1,000 words added to the original text in order to facilitate the continuing storyline of the whole series.

Another pre-order is the long-awaited and much asked for Dragon Reunion (Dragon Hearts 8). This is a Christmas story and the LAST book in the paranormal romantic suspense Dragon Hearts series. You’ll have chance to catch up with all the Pendragon brother dragon shifters along with the revelation of a BIG surprise for all of the Pendragon family.

My fourth pre-order is for Hidden Lover (Regency Men in Love 1) the first story in my NEW Male/Male Regency Romantic Suspense series. This series will be published under the name C. A. MORTIMER, in order to easily differentiate my M/M books from my M/F ones. But for those of you who love M/M romance as much as I do, this HOT Regency series is definitely for you!    

Talk to you again soon!
Carole xx

Buy link for ROURKE (Steele Protectors 4)
Also available on B&N, Kobo, Google, Smashwords. Applebooks.

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