Thursday, May 9, 2019


Hi, Everyone,

Me, again!

I honestly only write you a blog when I have a new Romantic Suspense book out. If you’ve read my earlier blogs this year you will know I haven’t had a very good start to the year health-wise, but I’m hoping to have a better second half of the year.

This month I’m publishing SURRENDER (Regency Lovers 5). This is a hot Regency romance with romantic suspense. All of the books in the Regency Lovers series are loosely connected by the characters.

The Pre-Order for SCANDAL (Regency Lovers 6) is also available. This is the last book in this Amazon ALL #1 series.

I will be starting another Super HOT Regency Romantic Suspense series later in the year. 

Last month I published the second book in my contemporary romantic suspense series, ATTICUS (Steele Protectors 2). This follows on from LOGAN (Steele Protectors 1) – and the good news is there are another 4 Steele brothers yet have their story written! 

Also available on all ebook sites is the Pre-Order for BRYCE (Steele Protectors 3), with a publishing date of June 28th. Bryce is the most lethal of the Steele brothers. When someone threatens the woman he has decided to protect, he will need all the stealth and cunning instilled in him during his years in Special Forces to ensure nothing happens to her.

Talk to you again soon!
Carole xx

Amazon Buy Link for SURRENDER (Regency Lovers 5) 
Also Available B&N, Kobo, Google, iBooks and Smashwords

Amazon Buy Lnks for SCANDAL (Regency Lovers 6)
Also Available B&N, Kobo iBooks, Google, Smashwords 

Amazon Buy Link for ATTICUS (Steele Protectors 2)
Also Available on Google, Smashwords, NOOK, Kobo iBooks

Amazon Buy Link for BRYCE (Steele Protectors 3)
Also available on Google, Smashwords, NOOK, Kobo, iBooks


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