Friday, March 1, 2019


With: Lena Diaz

The beautiful Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg Tennessee, a close-knit law-enforcement family, and four hot sexy Irish-American brothers form the core of my new Mighty McKenzie series. On March 19th, the first of four books – SMOKY MOUNTAINS RANGER – debuts! Available for pre-order now. I hope you love this series as much as I loved writing it. A band of brothers in the truest sense, the McKenzie men will delight you, make you laugh, make you cry, and most of all make you root for each of them as they defeat the bad guys and find true love. Below is an excerpt from book one. Enjoy!


A dangerous mountain escape.

An attraction neither can deny.

Adam McKenzie’s protective instincts are on overdrive, but Jody Ingram is no helpless victim. She refuses to abandon the injured ranger who saved her life despite the mysterious gunmen hot on her trail. When their forced flight through treacherous mountain terrain leads to unbridled passion, Adam must decide if guarding Jody 24/7 is worth the risk to his life and his heart…
Adam ducked behind a massive, uprooted tree, the tangle of dead roots and blackened branches his only cover on this wildfire-blighted section of the Great Smoky Mountains. Had the man holding the pistol seen him? He ticked off the seconds as he slid his left hand to the Glock 22 holstered at his waist. When half a minute passed without sounds of pursuit, he inched over to peer up the trail and moved his hand to the radio strapped to his belt. After switching to the emergency channel, he pressed the button on his shoulder mic.
“This is Ranger McKenzie on the Sugarland Mountain Trail.” He kept his voice low, just above a whisper. “There’s a yahoo with a gun up here, about a quarter mile northwest of the intersection with the Appalachian Trail. Requesting backup. Over.”
Nothing but silence met his request. He tilted the radio to see the small screen. After verifying the frequency and noting the battery was fully charged, he pressed the mic again.
“Ranger McKenzie requesting backup. Over.” Again, he waited. Again, the radio was silent. Cell phone coverage in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was hit-or-miss. It didn’t matter if someone was coming up from the Tennessee side, like Adam, or hiking in from the North Carolina border. Cell phones up here were unreliable. Period. Which was why he and the rest of the staff carried powerful two-way radios that worked everywhere in the park.
With one exception.
The Sugarland Mountain Trail, where the devastating Chimney Tops wildfire had destroyed a communication tower.
Budget cuts meant the rebuilding was slow and had to be prioritized. Rehabilitating habitats, the visitors’ center and the more popular, heavily used trails near the park’s entrance were high on that list. Putting up a new tower was close to the bottom. So, naturally, the first and only time that Adam had ever encountered someone with a gun in the park, it happened in the middle of the only dead zone.
There would be no backup.


  1. I like the sound of Smoky Mountains Ranger. Interesting characters with Adam trying to protect Jody. Being a strong woman, he has his work cut out for him. With their attraction and gunmen after her, this is an intriguing romantic suspense.

  2. Love Gatlinburg! Looking forward to this series. :)

  3. I look forward to this series. I enjoy reading books that take place in areas I have visited. I live only 60 miles from Gatlinburg and have been to the park many times. I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer and worked the fires there. The fire was devastating, but the town and area are springing back nicely.
    Patricia B.

    1. I pay homage to the fires in the story. It was so horrific what happened, and that so many people died. Just awful. Even worse, that the boys who started the fire weren't prosecuted. I'll never understand that. I'm glad to hear you say that the area is recovering.


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