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Imagine surviving a horrific experience, one that defined your childhood, only to have it repeat twenty years later. That’s what Vanessa Barczak faces in Leigh Fleming’s second romantic suspense, Kept Hidden, published by Soul Mate Publishing. West Virginia’s beautiful mountains, rugged terrain, and simplicity of life make for an interesting backdrop to murder, kidnapping, and abduction in the Hidden series.

It’s frightening how history repeats itself . . .

Recently fired from a Dallas TV station, reporter Vanessa Barczak’s career languishes in a small West Virginia town until she witnesses an abduction—a child is snatched directly in front of her. She desperately wants to get back to the big time, and this story might be the one to do it. But the crime stirs up past memories she’d hoped were long buried.

Up for a promotion in Chicago, FBI Special Agent Bo Azar needs to solve this case. Vanessa Barczak gets in his way, insinuating herself into the investigation and into his head. After she witnesses a second abduction, he realizes she knows more than she’s letting on. Now he’s forced to depend on her to help catch the kidnapper, but she’s not talking.

Determined to get justice for the young victims, Vanessa and Bo grow closer as they unravel the truth behind the crimes. Through the mountainous terrain and surrounding forests, they stumble onto a scenario neither could’ve imagined, forcing them to open up to emotions they’ve Kept Hidden.

Sweat rolled between Vanessa Barczak’s breasts as she held up her cell phone for a tight shot of the Tolbert County crest. Ninety degrees with equal percentage of humidity, the sun sizzled in the cloudless sky. Who would’ve thought it could be this hot in Brookfield? The high elevation and forested mountains should’ve supplied some cool relief. It was downright hot, but not the kind of heat she’d felt before leaving Dallas . . .
She’d been assigned a story on West Virginia’s historic courthouses, and with Channel 10’s limited budget, she was forced to video her own footage. This segment wouldn’t make for gripping news, but then again, not much excitement happened around here. She’d had enough excitement when she messed with the wrong guy back in Texas. This slow, sleepy place hadn’t been her choice, but at least she had a job.
As the traffic light turned green, she ran across Main Street to get a better angle of the domed building which had sat on this corner since 1872. She turned to capture the surrounding businesses when a blue car streaked by, blasting through the red light and sending up a plume of burnt rubber as it screeched to a stop.
A man jumped from the car, wrenched a little girl off her bike, and sped away. Quick, efficient, and unbelievable. Vanessa careened into a street sign, looked down at her phone clutched tightly in her shaking hand, and realized she’d gotten it all on video. Fumbling her phone back into her tote bag, she dropped her head against the pole and sucked in the moist, heavy air.
It couldn’t be real.
Her imagination had played its dirty tricks.
It was all an illusion.
A little girl hadn’t been taken.
Limbs trembling, she pushed away from the sign and smoothed a hand over her hair, looking for anyone who would confirm what she’d thought she’d seen. “Did you see that?”

About the Author
Leigh Fleming creates unique characters facing life’s challenges but who are always rewarded with their happy ending. Stay Hidden, the first in her Hidden series, won the Lone Star Writing Contest for romantic suspense in 2017.

A member of Romance Writers of America and the Washington Romance Writers chapter, Leigh lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia, with her husband, Patrick, and her deaf French bulldog, Napoleon, and is mom to adult children, Tom and Liza. When she’s not writing in her windowless office, she enjoys reading, travelling, scrapbooking, and spending time with friends.

Contact Leigh at
Instagram @lhfauthor

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  1. Sounds so good! Congrats on your new book.

  2. The excerpt for Stay Hidden gave me goosebumps. Seeing a child being kidnapped then realizing she caught it on video must have shaken Vanessa.

  3. It is hard to imagine this happens, but I know it does. So many families have suffered because of it. How awful not to know what has happened to your child. To wonder if the are frightened or being hurt. Fearing they are dead and had suffered. This sounds like it will be a good, interesting series.
    Patricia Barraclough


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