Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Photo Blog of My Day with the K-9s

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In yesterday’s blog, I provided a quick rundown of the training day I spent with the Massachusetts State Police K-9 Unit. Rather than go on and on about what a great day that was, I thought I’d show you with photos and pepper in a few fun and interesting K-9 factoids along the way.

Did you ever wonder how much a K-9 dog costs? A single purpose dog, i.e. one used only for patrol, or only for search and rescue, costs $2000 to $4000, and that’s without coming to a department pre-loaded with any training under its collar. A duel purpose dog, i.e. one that is used for patrol and narcotics, or patrol and explosives detection costs between $8000 and $10,000 on the low end, and up to $20,000 for a highly trained dog imported from Europe. That’s one pricy pup!

Springfield PD K-9 Chase, ready to
launch at a bite suit-wearing role player

Police departments and federal agencies want to protect their K-9s as much as their human officers. Like their handlers, K-9s are specially fitted for lightweight body armor that can cost upwards of $3000.

Massachusetts State Police K-9 body armor

Like their human handlers, K-9s may also suffer inadvertent overdoses from opioids encountered on the job. A K-9’s sense of smell can be thousands of times more sensitive than that of a human, one of many reasons why they are so valuable in the military and law enforcement. However, it also puts these K-9s at greater risk of opioid exposure. Officers carry Narcan or naloxone treatment kits in their vehicles. These kits contain life-saving inter-nasal sprays or auto-injectors, similar to an Epipen.

Opioid overdoes kit

Did you ever wonder what the inside of a K-9 officer’s vehicle looks like to a dog? Some K-9 units are sedans, while some are SUVs. Whatever the make and model, all are fitted with a custom kennel that gets inserted directly behind the front seat. And yes, I actually got into this vehicle to get a true dog’s eye view.

Massachusetts State Police K-9 Cairo

Massachusetts State Police K-9 SUV

My thanks to all the officers who’ve aided me in my continuing quest for K-9 knowledge. I can only hope I’ve done you justice.

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  1. Thank you for the inside look at K-9 officers. I have seen many over the years and around the country. I never noticed or realized there was a special kennel insert in the vehicles used for K-9 patrols. Patricia B.

    1. Yes! Apparently the entire back seat is removed and a prefabricated "cage" is inserted with a window for the officer to interact with his/her dog. For that one photo, I asked to go into the kennel to get a dog's-eye view of what it's like. The officer laughed and said no one's ever asked him to do that before. :-)


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