Saturday, November 3, 2018

Why Romantic Suspense?

Congratulations to "Ada H.", the winner in Maureen's giveaway!

Howdy all! We had a cancellation, so I'm popping in to say hi to everyone, and to offer a small giveaway so you can download a great romantic suspense book this week from any of your favorite authors!

For those of you who might not know me, I am the woman behind the green curtain here at JRS

Yes, there are other JUST sites. JUST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE and JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE, but JRS is where it all began. Why? Because I love romantic suspense. Yes, I write it, but it's not all I write. It is, however, my go-to read. There are many reasons I'm drawn towards romantic suspense, but I'd like to hear what brings you to this genre. Which do you favor, the suspense, the romance, or is the blend of the two just too toe-tingling tempting to deny?

Let's check and see if you're a romantic suspense fan. Which description would entice you more?

Mary took a Sunday excursion to the pumpkin farm with her Corgi, named Lt. Dan. There she ran into an old schoolmate who had a crush on her in the seventh grade. Now, in his thirties, there was no trace of the awkward tweenager. This man towered over her, gazing down with intense blue eyes that made her fingers quiver.

Mary took a Sunday excursion to the pumpkin farm with her Corgi, named Lt. Dan. As she ambled down an alley of enormous, misshapen squash a tall stranger stepped into her path. Dark eyes drilled into her as he warned in a husky voice, "You're in danger here." Strong fingers wrapped around her hand, yanking her and Lt. Dan into the cornstalks just before an arrow screamed by and pierced a nearby fleshy pumpkin.

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  1. I'm sure that you would be able to guess my answer but for the contest my answer is definitely "B".

  2. I'd choose "B" because while I enjoy the romance I enjoy the suspense even more.

  3. Both A & B grab my attention for different reasons... as for Romantic Suspense books... love that touch of danger, the suspense of not knowing right away who the bad guy is, etc. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Like to see how the heroine/hero act under pressure.

  5. B for sure! I've always read mysteries and suspense novels, starting with Agatha Christie when I was in grade school.

  6. Hi Maureen, It is wonderful to see you!
    B, the suspense catches attention right away.

  7. Hi Thanks for filling in
    Definitely B starting with the Tall Stranger that has Dark Eyes 👀

    1. I really enjoy suspense because I get to go somewhere else for awhile without actually leaving because it holds my attention so well as I try and figure out what happened, who did it and what else is going to happen

  8. B - Romantic Suspense is my favorite!

  9. I’m definitely more drawn to the blurb on “B”.

  10. I like A better
    I like romantic suspense because of the anticipation of finding out who the bad guy/gal is. I also like to try and guess myself to see if I'm right.

  11. B - Romantic Suspense has it all.

  12. B - I love not knowing what is going to happen next!

  13. I like B, sounds like it's the one for me

  14. B sounds amazing. Love Romantic Suspense because each comes with it's own danger that our heroes/heroines need to navigate.


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