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Inspiration Comes from All Around Us

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As a writer you never know where inspiration is going to come from. A vacation, a drive, a new article, celebrations, tragedies, or even a true story told by your aunt…

Recent flooding in the Hill Country of Texas brought back memories of my aunt's lake house and the flooding they experienced (not on this year's scale). Rain and flooding from 2000 to 2002 inspired many scenes in my first published Intrigue: HILL COUNTY HOLDUP. I loved the theme of rain and how it impacted the storyline.

I've driven over this bridge many times. Or should I say former bridge? I've also ridden jet skis (and a Sea Doo) under it. During the flooding, neighbors "rescued" many floating devices and would keep them safe until their owners returned.  I love the jet ski scene in Hill Country. To me, it's pretty unique and one of my favorites.


Debris, trash, beach toys, a Styrofoam cooler, and lots of tree limbs made it not only disgusting but very dangerous to swim through.
            “Steve!” Was he crazy?
            Then she saw the rope tied to the corner post of the porch. Her heart slowed just a bit from its rapid beat. With her eyes, she followed the rope toward the floating boat dock and prayed Steve had enough sense to tie the other end around himself.
            “I’m okay, Jane.” He waved and swam further away. He was crazy. “Wait there.”
            Another lightning flash, with an almost immediate crack of thunder, helped enough with the horrible visibility to see Steve swimming back with a Jet Ski in tow. Jane went to the rope and pulled the loose end from the water, tossing it to him when he got close.
            “Grab my pack and shove my boots inside,” he shouted through the rain. “They’re in the laundry.”
            Without arguing or letting him have a piece of her mind for scaring her half to death, she ran through the house and found his boots. She shoved one worn shoe inside the bag, but something prevented the other from fitting. Rearranging things, she jumped when her hand connected with the cold metal of Steve’s gun handle.
            Calm down. He’s FBI. He wouldn’t go anywhere without this thing. Shoving the second boot inside, she tugged the too-big sweatpants up as she ran back to the porch.
            Steve finished a couple of hitches around a post and turned his back on the Jet Ski. “Okay, I’m ready.”
            “So am I.”
            “Oh no you’re not,” he shouted sternly, placing his fists on his hips. “You’re staying here.”
            “This is our only way out.”
            “It’s too dangerous. I couldn’t get to the life vests. The rain’s coming down so hard I can’t see twenty feet in front of me. The evacuation point will have rescue boats. I’ll come back for you after I’ve gotten across to the south side.”
            “No.” She shook her head, running a hand across her eyes only to have the rain replace the water as fast as she’d removed it. “We go together.”
            “Don’t be so dang stubborn.” Creases between his eyes emphasized how much he believed he was right.
            “Me?” All the fright she’d experienced in the past three days surfaced faster than she could control. Words tumbled from her heart that she’d wanted to say for over four years. “You are the biggest, most stubborn, hardheaded, jackass of a man I’ve ever met.”
            “Oh yeah? This Jet Ski is twelve years old. This hard head of mine might just survive getting across ten miles of lake on my own. The seat might just be big enough for my stubborn ass, but there’s no way two of us can make it in this weather. Hell, it’s probably going to run out of gas anyway.”
            “You can’t leave me behind.”
            “Yes, I can. It’s too dangerous. Now hand over my pack.”
            Although she’d experienced it only once, Jane knew that tough look he threw her way. He’d used the same one when he’d told her she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for Johns Hopkins. But she wouldn’t let him make decisions for her.
            Not again.
            Never taking her eyes from Steve’s, she slipped one arm through a strap, then the other.
            “Aw, man,” he moaned as lightning splintered across the sky. The storm wasn’t backing off. It was getting worse. He stomped barefoot across the porch and angrily grabbed her shoulders. “Dammit, Jane, you aren’t a strong enough swimmer for this. No one’s a strong enough swimmer for this.”
            “I’m going. Rory’s depending on me.” Stubborn? He only thought he’d seen stubborn before. Jutting her chin out, she gritted her teeth and prepared to fight him if necessary. He could stay here. She’d take the Jet Ski. Her mind raced to a far mental shelf where she stored a self-defense book.
            Pictures flooded her mind. Steve’s tall lanky frame would topple if she had the right move, but she didn’t want to hurt him on the slick porch.
            Then he freed her, pushed his hair out of his eyes and released a long sigh. “Damn it to hell. Get on.”

My aunt’s lake house in 2006

“I love reading the Intrigue books and was curious about this one as the cover was a different format, with a man and a little boy. With that and that this is a new author (I love reading something new and fresh!), I just had to get. The intro doesn't do the story between the covers justice. Angi Morgan does a great job of fleshing out her characters; Jane is a quirky heroine, as smart (genius really) as she is good looking and you could feel the tension within Steve between trying to win his old girlfriend back and just doing his job. The pacing is good and I never felt like I was in one place too long. As I'm a Texas girl, I loved reading about places I've been and seen. The ending has a twist you wouldn't believe, so I won't tell you! This book didn't take me long at all to read as it was too hard to put it down. Hope Harlequin brings more from Angi Morgan!!!” ~Amazon Reviewer

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USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publishers Weekly best-seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

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Do you like it when nature plays a role in books?


  1. I love all romantic suspense, and those with children. Intrigue is one of my favorite Harlequin lines.

  2. Hill Country Holdup was the very first Angi Morgan book I read. That’s all it took. I was hooked.

    To answer the question - yes, I love when nature has a role in books.

    1. Thank you Patty !!
      I love that story...originally called SEE JANE RUN.

    2. Congratulations, Patty. Contact me or Just Romantic Suspense for your gift card.

  3. Yes, it is sure unpredictable...and it seems like lately in real time that is holding true. Thank you for the chance to win...

  4. Yes. Love weather changes cause you can visualize the story more. I like being able to know weather.

    1. Awesome. In Hill Country Holdup it pushes the hero and heroine's choices to the extreme.

  5. Love it when nature plays a role in books.

    1. Yay!!! I've read some books that make you feel like it's 100 degrees in the dead of winter.

  6. I like it when the weather mirrors the story.

  7. Replies
    1. Colleen, thanks for commenting on Get Lost in a Story. You've won the extra gift card.

  8. I love it when nature plays a role in books. I look out my window in my office and I have seen a preg deer go by then a week or so later she went by with a doe that could barely walk and they came by every day at around the same time for a month then we had rain and now they are elsewhere. I had the same thing with a turkey she used to go up and down the hill or i would see her way over at the farmers land. A week later she came up my hill and there were little turks they were so cute she did it for a few weeks then disappeared well everytime we see turkeys with little one I tell my husband their are my turkeys and laugh! peggy clayton

    1. Thanks for the smile, Peggy. All I see out of my windows are dogs and squirrels.


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