Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Behind the Bodyguard

With: Jacki Delecki

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In my new military romantic suspense coming October 18, Mission: Impossible to Resist, Aiden Foster reluctantly takes on a short assignment as a bodyguard to fulfill a promise to a friend. As a Delta Force operative, Aiden has been trained to protect high-value assets but the beautiful socialite who ignores his directives proves to be more of a challenge than he expects. And, at six foot six, Aiden doesn’t blend in to the background like bodyguards are trained to do.

Whoever thought guarding bodies could prove so difficult?

When writing this book, I did some research on professional bodyguards. Here are five facts that surprised me.

1.  Not all bodyguards are armed. One expert explained that a bodyguard’s best strategy is to remove the person they’re protecting from dangerous situations, not fight off attackers.

2.  TMZ.com is a great source for news about celebrities. Some protection specialists use TMZ.com for information about which celebrities are uncooperative with their bodyguards or who’s having trouble and might be in need of services.

3.  Social media makes their job harder. Celebrities and entertainers can inadvertently expose themselves to risk by sharing personal information that reveals travel schedules, upcoming appearances and details about their routines and private life. Professional bodyguards often monitor clients’ social media accounts to identify and minimize risk.

4.  No glitz and glamour for bodyguards. Protection specialists are often part of a luxury lifestyle, but they are not living that lifestyle. Their job might include international travel on private jets to exotic locations, but they are there to do a job, not enjoy the amenities.

5. Bodyguard is not their preferred title. Professionals don’t refer to themselves as bodyguards. The preferred term, according to the president and CEO of a company that provides such services, is “executive protection agents.”

I have huge respect for anyone who puts themselves between danger and others, but I’m sticking with “bodyguard”. Executive Protection Agent just doesn’t have the same allure.

Book 1 in the Impossible Mission Series
Available October 18, 2018

“Damn and double damn,” Aiden muttered under his breath.  He should have known the “little” and “easy” favor for Jenkins was going to be “big” and “trouble.” Jordan Dean wasn’t the pampered princess, or the cold-hearted bitch Aiden had expected.

Jordan was a caring, straightforward woman who didn’t seem to be intimidated by him. Which was a first, especially since he had intentionally opened their exchange with his “I-can- kill-you-in-ten-seconds-or-less” look. Her grit made the soft, alluring woman all more intriguing.

With his assignment in the Philippines finished, he had planned a few days to catch up with Finn. He and Finn made a point, whenever they got together, to toast Parker and the Afghan boy with a beer and a Snickers. Nothing in his plans had entailed serving as a fricking bodyguard for a billionaire’s daughter.

For a chance to win a digital copy of Mission: Impossible to Resist, tell me who you would hire as your personal bodyguard.

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  1. I would hire Joe Manganiello. He is built and gorgeous

  2. I would want someone who actually knows what they are doing! :)

  3. Duane "The Rock" Johnson. He's definitely qualified to guard bodies!


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