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I’m having a good time with my latest series -Atlanta’s Finest! The series is centered around a group of security specialists who are former CIA, police detectives, FBI agents or have other law enforcement backgrounds. In the first three books of this series you’ll meet Hamilton (Ham), Lazarus (Laz), and Kenton, and the women who bring them to their knees!
ACCUSED is book 3 of the Atlanta’s Finest Series. This is Kenton Bailey and Egypt Durand’s story! Here’s a little peek:
He wants to forget his pastShe’s hiding from hers…

Former FBI agent Kenton Bailey traded in his badge when an assignment went horribly wrong. Now he provides personal security to high-end clients. But falling for Egypt Durand, the Queen of Supreme Security, wasn’t part of the plan. She’s smart, classy, and ignites a fire in him that only she can extinguish. Except she retreats from his advances…and she’s shrouded in a veil of secrecy.

Egypt has never met a man as sexy as Kenton. Funny and smart, he’s hard to resist. But her past leaves no room for a happily ever after. Still, with him, she dreams of a future.
Finally, Egypt’s startling truths are revealed, throwing Kenton off balance and forcing him to confront the past he left behind. And when threats from a dangerous crime family send Egypt bolting, Kenton convinces her to stay. Together they will fight to bring closure to their pasts, but will they live long enough to explore the passion brewing between them?

Kenton started the engine and turned the heat on full blast. “Tell me that guy’s name, and what happened tonight. I also want you to make me understand why you didn’t want to file a police report.”
“But not right now.” He gently cupped her face, turning it slightly. “Right now, I need to get you home so you can put some ice on your cheek. It’s starting to swell.” The sharp bite in his tone made it clear he was still angry, but his gentle touch on her cheek was a tender contrast. When he put a little pressure on the spot, Egypt winced, only making him curse under his breath.
“Does it hurt when you open your mouth or talk? Any loose teeth? A headache?”
“My head hurts a little, and my cheek aches when I open my mouth or talk.”
No doubt the pounding in her head was a tension headache, and not one brought on by the slap. But mostly, she was embarrassed. Both Kenton and Dakota, when teaching women self-defense, harp on running away from an attacker. Egypt had been able to inflict a little pain on Ross, but her main goal should’ve been to run. She just hadn’t been quick enough.
“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital and get your cheek x-rayed?”
“Positive, but thank you.” She rung her hands, fidgeting under his penetrating stare. “Let’s just forget tonight ever happened, okay?” Egypt hoped that would convince him to start the truck and head to her house.
“I will never forget tonight. It’s taking everything within me not to hunt that bastard down and beat his ass. And though I didn’t fight your decision, I think you’re making a huge mistake not filing a report.”
“Kenton, I know you don’t understand, but I don’t want to have to deal with cops or answer a ton of questions. Besides, it’s not like they’d do anything. At most Ross might get a slap on the wrist, and then they’d let him go. I’d be the one looking crazy in front of a bunch of people because I allowed a man to hit me.”
Hurt and embarrassment warred within her and Egypt turned her attention to the window. Kenton was right about one thing. No more online dating or dating period. So what if she lived the rest of her life alone. It might just be safer with less drama.
“His name is Ross, huh?”
Shoot. Of course, he had pick up on the name.
“Yes, and he wasn’t my date.”
Kenton’s hand froze, hovering over the gear shift before he could put the vehicle into drive. His brows pinched together. “Then who the hell was he, and where was your date?” He held up his large hand before she could respond. “You know what? Let’s table this conversation until we get to your house. Because right now I’m tired, hungry, and—”
“Angry as hell. Not a good combination,” Egypt added.
“Exactly. I have a feeling I need to be in a better frame of mind before I hear about your evening and this guy.”
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