Monday, July 30, 2018

Exclusive Excerpt – ARMED RESPONSE

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I’m thrilled that my new book ARMED RESPONSE releases on all formats this week! Early reviews are in, and they are fantastic!
"Complex...pulse pounding...serious page-turner." (Robin's Reviews Goodreads) 

…An amazing story that left me gasping for air!...Powerful, poignant, and passion-filled
” (Books & Spoons Reviews) 

Best book I have read all summer!” (Shari J Reviews)

WOW and WOW Jace and Lillian burn the pages up! This book is filled with romance, action, and suspense. What a great read.” (Teresa R Amazon Review)

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from ARMED RESPONSE where Jace and Lillian are attempting to defuse bombs in an elevator shaft—it’s one of my favorite scenes from the book!
“We’re under two minutes, Jace. Which wire am I supposed to cut?” Lillian asked.
They both heard the guy in the elevator start crying, promising God he would go to church every day for the rest of his life if he survived this.
“Tell Him you’ll stop making sexist remarks, too. Maybe that will help,” Lillian called down to him.
Jace grinned. This woman.
He couldn’t wait to get her back in his bed. All the thoughts about keeping his distance from her seemed ridiculous now.
The bomb was clever. If that tiny wire got cut by accident—by someone who didn’t see it—the explosive would detonate.
They were in serious trouble.
“Lil, you need to go.”
She didn’t even look up. “Like hell I will. Especially not without you.”
“Negotiator was right. Whoever rigged this didn’t plan on anyone surviving here today, no matter what demands he gave.”
Guy below them began crying louder.
“Is it possible to defuse it?” she asked. Their eyes met across the roof of the elevator. Hers were calm, like his. Lillian could handle it.
“Yes, but it’s tricky.”
She grinned. “Tricky is my middle name, Eakin. What do I do?”
He quickly explained about the aluminum wire, the need to separate it gently from the other wire that had to be cut. Just getting the device in front of him defused would take all his time. There was no way he’d be able to help Lillian with hers.
“Okay, I see it.” She muttered a curse. “I really don’t like whoever put this damn thing together.”
“You found the adhesive, I see. Forty-five seconds.”
“Yep, damn it. Wanna race?”
Jace couldn’t keep from chuckling. Lily. God, if he had to go out, there was no one else he’d rather go with.
Guy inside was wailing now.
Jace carefully eased his blade through the tiny wire, using the utmost caution not to cut the aluminum wire around it. He took in a breath to focus and then made the final cut.
“Clear,” he breathed.
He looked over at Lillian. They had less than fifteen seconds. Jace stayed where he was. The best thing he could do now was let her do her job. Trust her to do it. And he did, he realized. She was crouched there, small flashlight now in her mouth pointing down at the device, completely focused on the task at hand.
That was the Lillian he’d always known. Able to handle anything.
C’mon, Tiger Lily. Save our lives.
He’d no more than finished the thought when she looked up, grabbed the flashlight out of her mouth and grinned.

Don’t miss ARMED RESPONSE –available wherever books are sold!

Lillian Muir is the lone female member of the close knit Omega Sector SWAT team, but that's never been a problem. She can throw down with the best of them. Can outfight anyone or anything that gets in her way.

Except her past.

She's made damn sure no one on her team suspects the darkness that haunts her. But when former Special Forces soldier Jace Eakin arrives to help fight a terrorist mastermind, he sees Lillian not only as the fierce warrior, but as the wounded woman. He's determined to stand beside her as she battles her demons.

But he never dreamed those demons would dwell so close to home...

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