Saturday, June 16, 2018


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“Well, then, sugar. Let’s get started.”

With those last words, I typed The End to book five in the Love and Murder Series. Sniff, sniff.

The Deep Well of Love and Murder ended the series, and I sadly bid farewell to a cast of characters I’ve loved and lived with for the last few years. I’m going to miss Lacy’s level-headed personality, Chance’s dedication to peace-keeping and to Lacy, Phoebe’s sassy, gypsy style, Mason’s sexy attitude, August’s feistiness, Wolf’s James Bond coolness, Penny’s braveness, Jake’s soft side, and last, but not least, from The Deep Well, Laura’s independent flare and Randy’s…there’s too much to miss about Randy.

When I write a book, I know so much more about the characters than I can include between the pages. It’s a satisfying feeling, putting their stories to rest, but it’s also as if they move on without me. Can they? I suppose Randy and Laura will be just fine without my meddling, but honestly, I’ll miss checking in on them every day.

The Deep Well of Love and Murder Excerpt:
“You let me be the judge of what messes I choose in my life.” His hands twitched at his sides, longing to hold her and stifle her anger. He narrowed his eyes and stared deeper into hers instead. “Taking care of your ex is a mess I look forward to.”
“This is my mess, not yours.” Her tone grew more combative. “I’ve handled what I’ve been dealt, and I’ll continue handling whatever gets thrown at me.”
“I don’t see it that way.” He kept his voice level, but hard edged. His own emotions, convincing her while fear of losing her, hammered his self-control. “You’re locking me out. Why? Because you think you aren’t allowed to be happy?”
Her mouth pinched in a tight line, and she glared at him. “Randy—”
“I think it’s about damned time you stopped blaming your mother, your ex, or whoever for your unhappiness.”
She whirled away, ready to flee, but he couldn’t stop now. He needed her and had to make her see how much she needed him. “Don’t be afraid of me, Laura Jane.” He shuffled a half-step closer.
“I’m not afraid.” She faced him again. “But I don’t need you to tell me how to run my life, if that’s what you think you can do.”
Perro jumped and planted his paws on Randy’s hip, panting heavily. “For Pete’s sake, Perro—”
Laura’s brow furrowed. “Do you smell that?” “What?” As soon as he’d asked, the hot, smoky scent assaulted his senses.

The official Worldwide Release date for The Deep Well of Love and Murder is June 18, but you can find it here right now:





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About the Author:
Brenda and her husband are gypsies at heart having lived in six states and two countries. Currently, they split their time between the Lake Roosevelt basin in Central Arizona and the pines in the north. Wherever Brenda opens her laptop, she spends most of her time writing stories of discovery and love entangled with suspense.

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  1. Sounds like a great summer read!

  2. Enjoyed the snippet... thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds awesome! Best of luck with your new release!

  4. Welcome to Just Romantic Suspense. I can imagine how hard it is for an author to leave behind friends they have worked with for years. As readers we often have the same problem when a series ends. They have become "friends" and we will miss them. Of course we can always go back and reread their books.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. I do read books a second time for sure. It's hard when there are so many good books out there I've never read!

  5. I love that cover and the book sounds very intriguing.

    1. Thank you, Natalie. I've had the same cover artist, Rae Monet, for the whole series.


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