Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stalked by Danger, Bound by Love

With: J.L. Lora

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Black and white are merely ends and life happens in the spectrum in between. That’s the essence of the Trinity Series. It follows the journeys of people backed into the gray areas of life, who are forced to embrace their dark side to survive. It’s about friendship that transcends, unexpected love that refuses to let go, obsession that stalks your every move, betrayal that crushes, and family in the non-traditional way. 

At the heart of the series are Amelia Solis and Leandro Masseur. They are the embodiment their organizations and the gray world they live in. They hold on tight to the family they’ve chosen and would do anything for those they love.

Amelia knows all there is to know about loss. She’s lost her parents, her sister, a baby, and now a close friend. The man she wants more than air, the one that sets her skin on fire, she cannot have. She drives herself crazy with all the reasons why they can’t be together. Oh, and there’s a dangerous man after her. But she’s a lemonade maker. She rolls with it, dust off her shoulders, and keeps going. Only now, the stakes are higher and her life is on the line.  

Leandro wakes up to his worst nightmare. Someone is found dead in Amelia’s bed and the only woman he’s ever loved, the one that etched herself in his skin and heart, is nowhere to be found. A killer is on the loose, intent on destroying him everything he’s ever cared about. Clock’s ticking and desperation mounts with every second. He needs to keep her safe, keep her close, and convince her they deserve a chance.

The killer will test his will, her resilience, and their love. How far can they bend before they break?

I never needed a drink to sleep before. Not the day I shot my first guy right through the eyes. Not during the years Sebastian tried to turn me into his little bitch. Not after I got shot, and it’d hurt like a motherfucker. I hadn't needed a drink to sleep then.

Until Amelia Solis stormed into my life. It was bye-bye Leandro Masseur.

One fucking day, an elevator door opened and her laughter pealed out. God witnesses daily how much I wish I had never turned around to see her step out of that elevator. Every fucking thing in my life went to shit, dragged and smeared around at her will. One look at her and I’d fallen through a hole full of obsessions, eating all my player promises.

Never-love-them-Leo would never fall in love with a woman, let a woman call the shots, or spend hours thinking about a woman.

So how the hell do I, of all the fools in the world, find myself here? Waking up feeling like shit and worshiping at the altar of a woman determined not to be with me. The answer is simple and complicated.

Yes, it was the painted-on-her-skin, black dress that spotlighted her curves. And yes, it was the way
she walked to a sexy beat like a Maxwell song. And yes, it was her Coke-can-red lips, weapons more dangerous than the knife she carried in her leather boot strap or purse or in a sheath under her skirts.

Last night, again, she’d driven me to the understanding, comforting arms of whiskey. Noah married Gia, but Amelia tells me we cannot be. We cannot be, but she eye-fucks me as our friends take their vows. I don't blame her. I feasted on her, like a homeless man looking through the glass of a bakery. The things I did to her with my eyes and mind…me, her, the priest, the tent, the flowers, the chairs, all should have been on fire.

But no, the wedding's over and she hightails it back to New York with some bullshit excuse about checking on her friend Byanca.

My phone beeps again. I snatch it and almost fall off the bed when I see her name. My heart jabs at my chest and I turn into a boy again. That's what she does to me.
I'm sorry, her text says. I want to slam my phone against the wall, over and over until it shreds into plastic and wiry ribbons. I flip the cell on the bed away from me like it offends me. I lay back down, contemplating texting her back, telling her not to worry about me. I won't be bothering her with my attention anymore. Leandro Masseur will go back to not begging her. She can have all the space she wants. As a matter of fact, I'll give her more. I'll be so distant that it'll make all the states between New York and California seem like a stroll down the block.

A scream bounces off the walls and my heart punches through my chest. My hand palms the Glock under my pillow, my head already calculating where it came from, how to get there, if the hallway's clear.

Everyone in the house scrolls through my mind at once. Alec, the twins, but my mind settles on Carissa. I don't know when I left the bed. My next breath, I'm at the door, securing the hallway and making my way to the home office. Carissa wails, prickling every pore in my body and I know it's bad. Bad enough to make my stomach clench because I don't know what it is, or who.

Who, because someone's dead.

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