Saturday, March 31, 2018

Signs Of Innocence

I have always worried about the type of men in my dreams. I have no interest in the polo and khaki-wearing businessman with no backbone.  The ones that won't stand up for anything including the woman who is standing by his side. My fantasy involves the alpha male with beards and tattoos that will fight for their woman.

Who is with me and would love to get down and dirty with a bad boy?

Can you imagine walking home alone at night and come to a dark alley? As you enter that alley you are unlucky enough to walk into a murder scene.  The gun being lowered, and the body is still on the ground, blood still oozing out of the victim's body. The murderer turns to look at you, and your eyes meet. You realize you your life has just changed.

As heavy as your feet now feel, you manage to run away.  You make it home safely and toss and turn for the night. You think of calling the cops, but snitches never last long in the big city. Your worst fear becomes a reality when he does track you down. He threatens that he will watch you and if you squeal it will be the end of you. What happens when that threat starts to feel like a promise?  A promise you want him to keep.

Those eyes reached into your soul. That mouth became too tempting. Now he is the one person that you need.



That’s my job—to keep people from squealing.

As the number one hit man for the mob boss,

I get the job done.

Narcs don’t talk, walk, or breathe,

Ever again.

But this time,

The tables turn,

My mark just got a little more challenging,

And beautiful.

Hannah Cole changes the game.

Suddenly, I don’t want to play by the rules,

Don’t want to silence the witness.

I want to make her scream,

For more,

For me,


Excerpt from Signs of Innocence


People hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and pretty much believe what they want to believe.  I guess I fell into that trap as well. I wanted to believe that this girl didn't just see me put a bullet in this guy's head.

I thought this would be a good place. I had driven around for almost thirty minutes with him before I pulled my gun and told him to get out of the car. It was dark and there appeared to be no one around. However, the minute I pulled the trigger, I heard a gasp. I turned around and saw her staring at me wide-eyed from the alley. She was shocked and I had to admit, I was too. I had been doing this for so long and now I finally got careless. I had become arrogant and have just made the biggest f**king mistake ever and doing a hit in front of a witness. She was wearing a black leather coat and a pink waitress-type dress. Her dark hair was pulled back and she had on black rimmed glasses. I could tell she is about to turn and run, so I made note of every inch of her, including what she ís wearing. I'll need to track her ass down later. I don't have time now; I need to get rid of this body.

 I slowly move towards the body, but I don't turn my back on her. She's still standing there, and if I'm lucky she'll be there after I stick his body in my trunk. It would make my life easier if I could stick her in there too. But the minute I lean over to pick him up, she runs.

This just got complicated. I toss this deadbeat into my trunk and I drive over to one of our construction sites. I dumped him into a hole my men will be pouring cement into first thing in the morning. I headed back to my car wondering how in the hell I am going to find the girl. A f**king witness.




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