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Family. It's one of those things that keeps being redefined as you get older – your blood relatives, your school friends, your work mates, your close neighbors… the concept of what is defined as "family" tends to change as life throws you around.

To the Delta Force Brotherhood, everyone is family – a shared bond of blood and sweat as they put their shoulders to the task of obtaining justice for those who have no hope left.

Like Trey Pierce.

When he joined Dylan and the others, he asked for only one thing – to be allowed to use the Brotherhood resources to search for the man who killed his friend. For five years he's been the hands and eyes behind the Brotherhood, hacking computer systems and flying security drones to deliver justice. His family's always been with him, waiting to help out when and where Trey needs them.

Ally Sheldon needs him.

When she lost her parents, she went to her aunt and uncle – and their son. They gave her love and raised her to take over the company they created, beside Vincent. But now Vincent's taking unacceptable risks and she might have to turn her back on the only family she knows.


Trey Pierce has spent years helping the Brotherhood, using his computer skills to dig out secrets and help deliver justice. But there's one mission he's yet to finish¬¬–– finding out who killed his best friend. A chance meeting with Ally Sheldon gives him a new lead, one that comes with some baggage. 

Executive Ally Sheldon has to find her wayward brother if she wants to save her company. Pretending like nothing is wrong is getting to her. But when the sexy Trey is assigned to her to help her case, focusing on what's most important is difficult. 

Never in his life has Trey been more attracted to a woman, but she’s hiding something. And that something may just destroy them.

Books in the Delta Force series:
Book 1: Hard Play
Book 2: Hard Run
Book 3: Hard Pursuit


She couldn't stop watching his hands.
For a brief second, she imagined those hands at work elsewhere, the hot rush burning through her like a lightning bolt as she envisioned them on her bare skin, grabbing and stroking...
She scrubbed her eyes again, berating herself for letting her attention wander. This wasn't the time or place to think about that, much less a man she'd met less than an hour ago.
Vincent was missing.
Ally sat back in the chair, her thoughts muddled up as she tried to remember how long it'd been since she had taken a man to bed.
There was that man in Austin last year...
She shook her head, banishing the memory. A fumbling, barely consummated one–night stand was hardly something to fall back on during those long, lonely nights spent making sure the company kept running in spite of Vincent.
But this mysterious man in front of her would be much more interesting than picking up a random stranger in a bar.
And much safer.
Ally peeked again at Trey.
He stared at the screen, seemingly lost in the scrolling numbers.
Her cheeks burned and she dipped her head down.
There's a time and a place for that, she told herself. This isn't it.
After Vincent returned.
Stay on target.
"I've got a hit on his GPS," he announced. "What hotel are you staying at?"
"The Belle Noir."
He raised an eyebrow. "Nice place. One of the top ten hotels in Vegas, if I remember the latest news articles."
She spread her hands, forcing herself to smile. "Go big or go home."
The edges of his mouth twitched upward and Ally's breath caught in her throat.
Maybe he hadn't been as immersed in his work as she'd thought.

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