Monday, January 22, 2018

Origins of a Killer?

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“Where do you get your ideas?” For me, that’s the number one question I’m asked as a writer. Most of the time in answering the question, I’d probably shrug and answer, “I don’t really know.” But I know exactly when the killer in Ranger Defender was born… Monday, May 1, 2017.

I’m inspired by everything around me. I always have been. But villains–serial killers in particular–are harder to create. My immediate surroundings don’t tend to be filled with mass murderers. Or are they…?

While writing Ranger Defender, a string of events in my area weighed heavily on me. Every day seemed to be talking about more loss of life. I have to admit that I was close to a spiral of depression because I couldn’t understand how humans could act this way.

·       April 6th: murder-suicide in Prosper
·       April 8th: murder-suicide in Plano
·       April 13th:  murder-suicide in Southlake
·       April 24th: murder-suicide in Dallas
·       May 1st: paramedic shot while administering aid
·       May 1st: knife welding at University of Texas

In the month of April 2017 there were six unsolved murders in Dallas alone. That’s just the unsolved number. It’s so sad, but I had to write my book. And I had to cope. I think Subject Nineteen was my brain’s answer to all the chaos.
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“Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, standard thrillers, or simply gripping and intelligent storytelling, RANGER DEFENDER is the book to read this year.” ~MD, Amazon 5 stars

“I'm trying not gush all over this review but honestly, I don't care because I loved this story. It is unique, very creepy while putting the danger into a new level of scary. It is heart-wrenchingly sad with the exploitation of those we only should honor and respect, it is entertaining and heart-warming with the tight brotherhood the Rangers demonstrate with each encounter, and it is adorably sweet and sexy with the attraction and palpable connection between the hero and the heroine.” ~Books & Spoons, Amazon 5 stars

“The plot was tightly woven, the characters and dialogue were realistic, the action scenes were believable and the romance was timed to perfection.” ~JM V, Amazon 5 stars

She needed a miracle…  She got a Texas Ranger.

Vivian Watts's mission to prove her brother's innocence has left her destitute and desperate. So when Texas Ranger Slate Thompson arrives with his knock-me-out blue eyes and belief in her case, she dares to hope again...until her apartment is burned to the ground.

Slate offers refuge at his ranch, but when evidence suggests Vivian is being hunted...can he face down the real killer to protect her?
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USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publisher’s Weekly best seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

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Can you remember where or why you get good ideas?


  1. I love Romantic Suspense...can't wait to read these books. Thank you for the chance

  2. Too many real life crime stories out there... breaks my heart...

  3. not really

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. I love my craft work. My best ideas come from what others have done. I re-work old patterns for example.


  5. Believe it or not my best ideas usually come when I'm in the shower *lol*. There's something with water running my body that seems to clear my head


    1. My husband goes through a lot of hot water for those ideas.

  6. For the most part, I can remember where and why I get ideas. Unfortunately, not all of them have been good. Over time, and there has been a lot of it, I tend to remember only the really good or really bad ones. I don't write, but I do plan activities or work on programs for several organizations. I enjoy thinking things through and coming up with something good.
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