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Even Romantic Suspense Heroes and Heroines Deserve a HEA

With: Jackie Delecki

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It’s impossible to calculate how many hours I spent with my characters when I’m writing a book, but I’m sure it’s in the hundreds. When you write a series, that means you spend even more time with those characters until they become almost like real people.

Readers get emotionally attached to characters as well. How often have you wished that an author would write another book so you could revisit your favorite heroes and heroines and find out what is happening in their lives now?

That’s why I wrote A Marine’s Christmas Wedding. I introduced readers to Maddy Jeffers and Hunter Hines in Marriage Under Fire (Grayce Walters Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Book 4). In that story, Marines Maddy and Hunter are given an undercover assignment to infiltrate a Seattle terrorist cell that requires them to pose as a married couple. Although their roles were make-believe, the love and passion that developed between them was very real. Marriage Under Fire ends with a proposal…but no wedding. And everyone knows the only thing better than a wedding is the honeymoon.

Of course there have to be a few complications on the way to the altar. In A Marine’s Christmas Wedding, those complications come in the form of well-meaning but over-attentive friends and uncertainty about Maddy and Hunter’s next assignment, which could separate the newlyweds.

I loved writing Maddy and Hunter’s story and admit to sniffling a few times when I wrote the wedding scene. It was heartwarming to see these two deserving people get their Happy Ever After…even if they are fictional characters.

I’d love to share this holiday romance with a few readers. For a chance to win a digital copy, just comment with a character, couple or series that you’d love to revisit.

I hope your holidays are filled with books, romance, friendship and love!

Keep reading for a short excerpt from A Marine’s Christmas Wedding.

Their pretend marriage—cover for a top-secret military assignment—turned into something real.

Dr. Walters beamed at Maddy. “Tell us about your and Hunter’s wedding plans.”

“Nothing fancy. We’re going to the courthouse on Christmas Eve with Angie and her mother. Then we’ll have dinner somewhere.”

“What?” James’s voice raised an octave. “You don’t plan to invite us?”

“James," Dr. Walters said in a warning tone. “Maddy, you don’t have to invite anyone you don’t want to.”

James continued to stare at Maddy. “Of course, you’re going to invite all of us. We’ve adopted you as family, and we’re not letting you pretend otherwise.”

Family. She shifted on the couch, not knowing where to look or what to say. Her only family was her fellow Marines.

Hollie smirked and elbowed Maddy. “I told you so.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to…” Maddy struggled to find words but was given a reprieve by the chiming of the doorbell.

The caterer opened the door for Aunt Aideen. Maddy was grateful for the interruption and hoped it would be the end of the wedding discussion.

Aunt Aideen’s brusque voice echoed in the high-ceilinged space. “What have I missed?”

“We just started discussing Maddy and Hunter’s wedding plans,” James said.

Maddy found herself sliding down on the couch. Like a darn Marine sergeant with new recruits, James wouldn’t give up until he’d shaped up everyone.


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