Monday, November 6, 2017

Romance and Politics

There’s an old adage about not discussing religion or politics in general company. I tend to follow it at my day job. I’m not very chatty in person, and I prefer to avoid uncomfortable topics. As an author, I feel more conflicted. I waver between wanting to comment on the latest news and wanting to get away from it all.

The problem with being political online is that you risk alienating those with opposing views. Some authors say that “x” readers won’t like their books anyway, so there is no downside to speaking out. It’s a fair point. If you’re writing GLBT romance, there probably won’t be many religious conservatives in your audience! Why worry about offending someone you’ll never reach?

Mainstream romantic suspense can attract readers from anywhere on the political spectrum. Military romance might trend toward conservative readers. I’m not sure, but I’ve always thought that most romance authors were on the liberal side, like me. Many are vocal about their beliefs, so it’s no mystery. Others keep it private, and that’s okay, too. No matter what our views, I don’t believe we need to have a divided readership. I welcome readers of all types. I’ll take whatever I can get. You don’t have to think like me to enjoy my books.

I know that I’ve enjoyed books by conservative or independent authors. Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors of all time. She’s from Texas. I think she might be a Republican. She wrote a book called Mirror Image, which features a politician hero. I don’t remember which party he belonged to, but I’ll never forget the way he talked dirty to the heroine. A hot hero can transcend politics, and a sexy line works no matter what the author’s affiliation.

I hope to write as well as Sandra Brown someday, and to attract a wide readership, but I can’t promise that my books won’t reflect my personal views. I started writing Stranded with the Navy SEAL during the 2016 election cycle. I desperately needed an escape, so I wrote one. I wrote about two castaways on an island so remote, it’s practically off the map.

My heroine, Cady Crenshaw, is mistaken for “Maya O’Brien,” a former president’s daughter, whom the hero is supposed to be guarding. “President O’Brien” makes an appearance at the story. It’s sort of my homage to President Obama.

You don’t have to love Obama to like my book, but you do have to be open-minded about interracial relationships. If you’re not…well, you’re welcome to try it anyway. Because I don’t just write for people like me, who embrace diversity and want to see more of it. I write for people who can grow and change. I write for anyone who needs an escape to a tropical island, or a sexy adventure. I write with hope and love and open arms.

How about you? Do you try to avoid politics in books or on social media? Have you ever “broken up” with an author because you disagreed with her views?


For one navy SEAL, danger and passion are brewing in paradise

Working on a cruise ship was supposed to be the perfect distraction for chef Cady Crenshaw. Instead, it made her the perfect target. Abducted and thrown overboard into foreign waters, she has only one shot at survival…and it comes at the hands of an irresistible ally.

Navy SEAL Logan Starke's protective instincts were locked and loaded the moment he met Cady at the ship's bar. When a violent struggle to take down her captors leaves Logan and Cady stranded on a deserted island, he leaps into rescue mode. But the hot sand and the even hotter attraction between them can't be denied…and temptation could be the deadliest threat yet.

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  1. I've never broken up with an author over political views before this cycle, but I admit I took someone who constantly retweets 45 off my buy list. And of course, unfollowed her. This all transcends politics for me. It's about right & wrong.

    Buying your book and looking forward to reading it.

  2. I don't usually care what an author believes unless they try to push something at me that I don't want. Religion is one of those things since we all have our beliefs. Looking forward to reading your book!

  3. I've always tried to avoid political or religious stuff, with a few important exceptions, but in the last year I've had to speak up. But I don't consider your book to be political. It's humanity! :) Off to add it to my wish list...

  4. I read books written by authors with a wide variety of points of view. Hateful doesn't work for me and I wouldn't read another of their books. Horror and erotica aren't on my list to read, but that is due to content, not the author. I have never shied away from voicing my opinion and can handle someone expressing theirs.


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