Monday, October 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday?

Okay, that is a deceptive title as it's currently Monday. Perhaps I'm trying to move the week along. :)

Recently I started posting #TBT's on Just Romantic Suspense. There are so many Romantic Suspense books of old to share. I grew up reading my mother's gothic novels. Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, etc. My mom was a big Barbara Michaels fan. Well, heck, there weren't too many authors my mother wasn't a fan of. She read books like I eat Raisinets. 

The covers beguiled me. I tried to draw them. I fancied myself an artist with my colored pencils and construction paper. I began reading these novels when I was very young, because, hey, they were scary stories that just happened to have some mushy stuff in them. Later I read them because they had mushy stuff, and just happened to be scary.

What are some of your earliest recollections of Romantic Suspense? And yes, the Brontes count!

Do any novels come to mind? I'd love to hear and maybe we'll see them on JRS's THROWBACK THURSDAY page soon!


  1. Don't forget Helen MacInnes and I also liked Alistair MacLean

  2. These are great! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Phyllis A. Whitney

  4. I recognized THE SHIFTING SANDS. Victoria Holt was and is a favorite. The first of hers I read was Menfreya in the Morning. I did read a few of Barbara Michaels books. One of the first was THE MASTER OF BLACKTOWER. I also read Phyllis Whitney. The Turquoise Mask was one of the first of hers I read.

  5. Love these titles! They remind me of Nancy Drew titles. :)


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