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Sneak peek behind the scenes of PERILOUS TRUST

Hello lovers of romantic suspense! It's fun to be here with you today!

I have always enjoyed reading books that incorporate some sort of a puzzle, a mystery to figure out, a moral dilemma, a life or death choice and tension that keeps me on the edge of my seat. I like writing these kinds of books, too! I'm thrilled to be here to announce the release of a new romantic suspense series with PERILOUS TRUST, the first book in my OFF THE GRID: FBI SERIES.

So, to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes…

The idea for the series came from several different tiny seeds. That's usually the way most of my ideas come. One idea leads to another and another and often the book that springs from those tiny seeds doesn't actually in any way resemble the original idea, so I prefer to think of the ideas more as inspiration.

I was inspired to do an FBI series after watching a documentary on the FBI in New York and hearing agents talk about their jobs and their lives. Another seed came from a friend who had recently finished training at Quantico and some of the stories he told me about the training.

Since I also love to write about people who are connected in some way, I decided to focus my series on five agents, who originally met at Quantico when they first trained to become agents. There were actually six agents who became a tight knit group during the academy, but one was killed before graduation, a tragedy that affects them all in some way.
Now the agents have been on the job four years. They have been assigned all over the world, but when one of them is in trouble, at least one person comes to help!

The first book features Damon Wolfe, and if there are any fans out there who read my LIGHTNING STRIKES TRILOGY:  BEAUTIFUL STORM, LIGHTNING LINGERS and SUMMER RAIN, you'll recognize Damon as the FBI agent who helped the Monroe siblings solve a decade-old mystery and foil a huge terrorist plot.

But getting back to the present… In PERILOUS TRUST, Damon's world is spun around when his FBI mentor is killed and it's possible that the death was caused by someone in the Bureau. Even worse, his mentor's daughter, Sophie Parker, is missing. Damon and Sophie met at a very low time in both of their lives and had a night to remember, but they haven't seen each other since, and neither really wants to reconnect now. Things didn't start or end well between them. But when bullets start flying, they have to go on the run. The only person they can really trust is each other, but that's not easy, given their history.

Here's a little preview from PERILOUS TRUST…

"I don't know if my father trusted you," Sophie said, shaking her head.

Surprise and anger flared in Damon's eyes. "Why would you say that?"

"Because he told me not to trust anyone from the bureau, and since you're an agent, that includes you. Please, just go. Just leave me alone," she pleaded, desperate to get him out of the cabin before she did something even more stupid—like start to trust him. "I'll disappear. I'll go somewhere no one else knows about. You don't have to worry about me. You've done your duty. You came after me. You did that for my dad. Now do something for me—leave me alone. You've managed it for four years. You can keep going."

His mouth tightened. "I'm not leaving you alone. You won't be safe. You can't get help from a friend, because you'll put them in danger, and even if you are very careful, you'll make a mistake. You don't know how to stay off the radar, but I do. You're going to have to trust someone at some point. You're going to have to put your anger aside and let it be me."

Before she could answer, she was suddenly hit with a shower of glass from the nearby window.

What the hell had just happened?

Another pane blew out, and something whizzed by her ear.

Damon grabbed her arm and pulled down as a third window exploded.

Someone was shooting at her!

I loved writing Damon and Sophie's story, and I hope you'll check out PERILOUS TRUST – it's available in both digital and print. I think the best thing about romantic suspense is that it combines my two favorite genres into one: romance and suspense! To celebrate the release of my new book, I'm giving away TWO copies of PERILOUS TRUST to two lucky winners! So be sure to comment below.

Happy Reading!


Perilous Trust (Off The Grid: FBI SERIES #1)
By Barbara Freethy
Release Day: August 1, 2017

In PERILOUS TRUST, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy brings you the first book in a new romantic suspense series! OFF THE GRID: An FBI Trilogy offers three breath-stealing books filled with action-packed plot, heart-stopping romance, and page-turning suspense.

It was one dark night that brought Damon Wolfe and Sophie Parker together. They were two tortured souls, looking for escape, and they weren't supposed to see each other ever again…

Four years later, Sophie's FBI father, who is also Damon's mentor, is killed in a suspicious car crash after leaving Sophie a cryptic message to trust no one from the agency. When Damon shows up looking for her, she isn't sure if he's friend or enemy, but she knows he could easily rip apart what is left of her heart.

The last thing Damon wants is to get involved with Sophie again. It was hard enough to walk away the first time. But she's in trouble, her father's reputation is under attack, and the lives of his fellow agents are at stake if there's a traitor in their midst.

When someone starts shooting at them, they have no choice but to go on the run and off the grid. Everyone in their world becomes a suspect. They want to uncover the truth, but will it turn out to be the last thing they expect? Proving her father's innocence might just cost them their hearts…and their lives…



"Powerful and absorbing...sheer hold-your-breath suspense."-- NYT Bestselling Author Karen Robards on Don’t Say A Word

"A fabulous, page-turning combination of romance and intrigue. Fans of Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Lowell will love this book." NYT Bestselling Author Kristin Hannah on Golden Lies

"In the tradition of LaVyrle Spencer, gifted author Barbara Freethy creates an irresistible tale of family secrets, riveting adventure and heart- touching romance." -- NYT Bestselling Author Susan Wiggs on Summer Secrets

"This book has it all: heart, community, and characters who will remain with you long after the book has ended. A wonderful story." -- NYT Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber on Suddenly One Summer

"Freethy has a gift for creating complex characters."-- Library Journal

"Barbara Freethy is a master storyteller with a gift for spinning tales about ordinary people in extraordinary situations and drawing readers into their lives." -- Romance Reviews Today

"Freethy’s skillful plotting and gift for creating sympathetic characters will ensure that few dry eyes will be left at the end of the story." -- Publishers Weekly on The Way Back Home

"Freethy skillfully keeps the reader on the hook, and her tantalizing and believable tale has it all– romance, adventure, and mystery."-- Booklist on Summer Secrets

"A page-turner that engages your mind while it tugs at your heartstrings...Don’t Say A Word has made me a Barbara Freethy fan for life!" -- NYT Bestselling Author Diane Chamberlain on Don’t Say a Word

"I love The Callaways! Heartwarming romance, intriguing suspense and sexy alpha heroes. What more could you want?" -- NYT Bestselling Author Bella Andre

Barbara Freethy Bio
Barbara Freethy is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of 60 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women's fiction. Traditionally published for many years, Barbara opened Fog City Publishing in 2011 and has since sold over 7 million books! Twenty-three of her titles have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists, including one title, SUMMER SECRETS, which hit #1 on the NYT. In 2014 Barbara was named the Amazon KDP Bestselling Author of all time! She was also the first Indie writer to sell over a million books on Barnes and Noble.
Known for her emotional and compelling stories of love, family, romance and suspense, Barbara is a six-time finalist and two-time winner in the Romance Writers of America acclaimed RITA contest for her novels DANIEL'S GIFT and THE WAY BACK HOME.
For more information, visit her website at


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  3. Thank you for an interesting post. Romantic suspense is one of my favorites. The dangers inherent with a job in law enforcement or the military make them perfect settings for romantic suspense stories. Perilous Trust sounds good as a book and the beginning of a new series.

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