Saturday, August 19, 2017

Deceived in Desire

Hello romantic suspense lovers. I am so excited to be here with you today.

I am a new author. I published a book, The Haunted and The Hunted, with a self-publishing company last year and it went nowhere. I stepped back, took a few training courses and I am ready to try again. I started a series called Lewis Security Agency, with the plan to have at least 3 books in the series. The first is titled DECEIVED IN DESIRE. This series involved returning veterans who have suffered some trauma during their military service.

Deceived in Desire

A beautiful private investigator and an attractive security agent work together – in a fake marriage – to find missing children.

Private investigator, Paige Andrews, ran from an abused home as a child. She built a life for herself, and her job includes following leads and solving mysteries alone. Her family becomes involved in an FBI case when her cousin, Wesley, is the latest victim of several unsolved kidnappings. She’ll do whatever she must to find Wesley, even teaming up with an attractive man that make her throb in all the right places.

Mike Reiter has literally been to war and back. As tough as those tours were, his early childhood and young adult life scarred him deeper. He finally gets back on track and becomes an agent at a security agency – until a hot-as-hell private investigator enters his life and throws everything he knew about himself out the window.

When partnering up leads to a fake marriage and shacking up together in a safe house, neither Paige nor Mike are safe from the sparking attraction…and neither are safe from the danger lurking around every corner.

Finding Wesley will be a test of strength and determination, but fighting their desire for each other will be their ultimate test. 
DECEIVED IN DESIRE will be released September 15th. I have a free short story that sets up the series if you sign up for my newsletter. Visit my website to sign up for my newsletter and see any news I have included. I love romance books with a little suspense and/or mystery, and my books with be equal parts of both. I can also be found on Facebook and Amazon Autor Page

Happy reading,

Teresa Reitnauer

Author Bio:
Teresa was born in Tampa, Fl, the youngest of nine children. She has lived in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and the gorgeous area of Western North Carolina. Teresa hopes to incorporate these areas into her writing.

Teresa writes romantic suspense. She has loved romance novels throughout the years and adding a little suspense makes it intriguing to read. Right now her heroes are returning veterans with physical or mental problems to handle.

Teresa has settled in Melbourne, FL, on the east coast of Florida. Oceans and rivers have always been a relaxing area for her. She usually writes at home, but has been known to go the beach or a park near the river to get the creative thoughts flowing.

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