Thursday, March 30, 2017

New in the Knight Security Series

With: Carole Mortimer

Hi, Everyone,

I’ve just returned from a three week break on the island of Majorca, taking a much-needed holiday after a very busy winter. It isn’t too hot on the island yet, but we did have some lovely weather. All of my favorite restaurants were open too, so no cooking for me for three weeks. I was still working, of course, having started writing Seducing Ethan, the 7th and last book in the Knight Security series. The pre-order for this romantic suspense ebook is now available, with a publication date of May 26th.

March 31st is publication day for Enticing Ian (Knight Security 5). My editor tells me this is the best book in the series so far! I have to say I really enjoyed writing Ian and Evie’s story. Evie needs Ian to help save her brother, but it isn’t easy for her to convince Ian of that. The two of them knew each other three years before this story takes place, so this is a love revisited. Will they stay together this time or will the past tear them apart?
As promised the pre-order for the first book in my new Regency Sinners series, Wicked Torment, is now available, and the ebook will be released April 28th. The heroes in each of this eight book series are linked through friendship from their schooldays and years spent together in the army. There is a mystery linking all eight books, which I hope you will find as intriguing as I do.

The stories in my Regency Unlaced, Regency Sinners, Knight Security and Alpha series, are more explicit in their language and sexual content than my other books. In other words, they’re hot, so you have been warned!

Speak to you again soon.

 Carole xx

Amazon pre-order link for Enticing Ian (Knight Security 5)
This ebook is also available on B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords

Amazon pre-order link for Wicked Torment (Regency Sinners 1)
This ebook is also available on B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.

About Carole:
Carole Mortimer has written over 215 books in the contemporary and Regency genres. Carole is Recipient of the 2015 Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, a USA Today Bestselling Author, Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author, 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance, and in 2012 was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her ‘outstanding service to literature’.
She is very happily married to Peter, they have 6 sons, and live on the beautiful Isle of Man.

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