Monday, March 20, 2017

Hard To Protect

With: Incy Black

Fall seven times, get up eight. For me, this wonderful Japanese proverb encompasses the reasons I love reading romantic suspense. For, no matter how punch-drunk the hero and/or heroine are by what’s thrown at them, they never surrender. Not to their foes, not to the obstacles they must hurdle to survive, not to whatever it is that’s got them all twisted up in their past, not to the complications besetting them as they fall in love. And it’s this resilience, this indomitable spirit, which goes to a richness of character and keeps me reading forward.

And then there’s the suggestion in the proverb of constant motion. That blows will come, and keep coming. Fast paced and the ‘unexpected’ are my reading jam. Blame the Australian writer Matthew Reilly for this. He does for the written word what the movie ‘Die Hard’ did for Hollywood—slam the audience with relentless, high-octane action. It matters not a jot to me that Mr. Reilly has been criticized for ‘straining credulity’, his wild stories and style of delivery got a whole lot of reluctant adolescent boys reading—enough said. And I’m just as guilty, though far from on a par, for throwing everything into my stories including the kitchen sink. As can be seen in this short extract from Hard to Protect:

Will left it until mid-morning before ordering Angel to the kitchen, his mother the very unhappy messenger.
            Two angry women whose good graces he had to inveigle his way back into—bloody marvelous.
Two angry women, who would not be angry if they’d just hit bloody pause and take one goddamn moment to consider things from his perspective.
Him flying blind, his neck tucked between his thighs, head angled to kiss his own backside good-bye. Angel to keep safe, a crisis that could tear apart the nation’s armed forces to avert, the Service doing fuck knows what. Rhys’s body to recover without detection. A convincing legend to plant which would keep the man very much alive in the eyes of the MoD and Service and threatening exposure should an “accident” before his sister—
Worrying about the possibility of Angel needing institutionalizing. Worrying if she didn’t, because those bastards in the MoD would want her blood stripped so they could reverse engineer it to get the new BT11 formula. The VIPs he’d likely have to cap to stop that happening. Lies, lies, and more lies to be woven and knotted if this whole nightmare was just. To. Stop—
Jesus, a little leeway—was that really too much to ask?

And then there’s the happy-ever-after, the winning, the standing back up again—stronger, emboldened, optimistic, in love and no longer alone. Seriously, what’s not to like about romantic suspense?


Volcanic hot and ambitious Special Agent Will Berwick doesn’t give a damn what his orders are; he’s not taking the enemy—the lovely but arctic Dr. Angel Treherne—to bed. Oh, he’ll root out her secrets, but on his own terms.

Caught up in a tangled web of deceit and betrayal, Angel trusts no one—certainly not alpha-cocky, cunning Will Berwick. First he’s hostile, then he’s charming. Why? What’s he hiding? With her life on the line, she needs to know. Preferably without losing her heart in the process.

About the author:
To escape the frenzy of three children aged under 4 years, two mad dogs and four very odd cats, Incy committed to a law degree (University College, London), first to piss off those who said she didn’t stand a chance, and second, because she’s never learned to walk a hill when there are mountains to be climbed.

When not fighting injustice and righting wrongs on ‘Planet Incy’ via her love of writing romantic action adventures, she works as a Marketing Director…also cook, cleaner and homemaker.

Living in the UK’s West Country, her (now five) children are well versed in what scares her (most things) and delight in pushing her neurotic buttons—at their peril.

Author Twitter: @IncyBlack
Facebook: Personal but PUBLIC
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  1. One of the best books of the year so far for me!

  2. I absolutely loved this book. Incy has a way of dragging you back into her world, but you're not dragged kicking and screaming, you go willingly. I cannot wait for more!

  3. Maureen, thank you very much for hosting me. Always a privilege.

  4. Will or Jack??? Incy Black creates really fun and desirable Characters esp the hero

  5. This book is my favourite book from Incy Black's Hard To series,as i have a secret crush on Will Berwick.I loved it right from the off, with Incy style of writting she gets you right into her world.

  6. This is such a great story and well worth the wait. Incy has a way of creating addictive characters and you end up totally immersed into her world. Highly recommended and cant wait for the next one.


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