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Top 5 Favorite Romance Novel Couples

With: Lena Diaz

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, it seems appropriate to create a top 5 list of my favorite romance novel couples. Easier said than done! I, probably like most of you, have read thousands of romance novels in my lifetime. And while I haven’t loved every book that I’ve read, I’ve amassed hundreds of favorites. And each one of those favorites highlights a couple that I fell in love with. So I offer this list of SOME of my top favorites over the years.

5. Cole Latimer and Alaina MacGaren – Ashes in the Wind, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

This is an epic love story, and a sweeping saga that spans the end of the civil war and its aftermath. It’s incredibly emotional, seeing how this conflict tore apart so many families. But it’s also incredibly uplifting as, realistic or not, the author shows true kindness and friendship and how there really were some truly good people who didn’t care about skin color and created families by choice, not by birth or blood. Cole is one of my favorite heroes because he’s so tortured and has lost so much, and yet, because of his calling as a surgeon, he risks everything to save those around him, regardless of their circumstance or the color of their skin or uniform. Alaina is just as tortured, having lost everything to this terrible war. This is truly one of those rare books where the only thing that can save Alaina and Cole is their love for each other. It’s a beautiful story, with a wealth of history that only enriches the love story.

4. Ruark Beauchamp and Shanna Trahern – Shanna, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Another historical (sensing a trend here?). Okay, to be honest, I kind of hate the heroine in this book—for about two-thirds of the story. She’s snobby and selfish to the extreme. But the hero is so honorable, and strong, and sexy, and ridiculously in love with her that he completely transforms her into someone we love and respect by the end of the book.

3. Gabriel MacBain and Lady Johanna, Saving Grace, by Julie Garwood

Never have I seen a hero more strong and tough and yet tender and wonderful as Gabriel MacBain. And how can you not empathize with a woman in medieval times who is the property of her husband and gets down on her knees in a church and thanks God when her abusive husband is rumored to be killed? Only to then be forced to marry another man she doesn’t want to marry? It’s a heart breaking and yet amazing love story. And one of the things I love best? Gabriel never, not once, tells Johanna that he loves her. And yet, she knows, and we know, that he loves her beyond all else. Because he shows it in his actions. This story is a tear-jerker and so beautiful.

2. Kyrian of Thrace and Amanda Devereaux, Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A paranormal! This was the first Dark Hunter book I’ve ever read, which might be why it sticks with me so much. Incredibly sexy, it’s a unique twist on the idea of vampires and Greek mythology thrown into the mix. I love that Kyrian gives up EVERYTHING for his love for Amanda. But over all, this story is just fun, fun, fun. And SEXY.

1. Black Niall of Scotland and Grace St. John, Son of the Morning by Linda Howard

I had to include a book by Linda Howard in the mix. It was a toss-up between the couples in Mr. Perfect, which is contemporary fun, and Son of the Morning, which is a contemporary time-travel back to the times of the Knights Templar. I had to finally go with Son of the Morning, because it’s such an amazing, emotional story. This is the most unique book that I’ve ever read. Period. The couple doesn’t meet until the last quarter of the book, if I remember right. But they become acquainted through dreams and visions. Sounds hokey, but trust me, it’s amazing. We see Grace go from the horror of losing her first husband, whom she loves very much, to being on the run from his killer and then traveling back in time to meet Black Niall of Scotland, who is at the heart of the reason that her first husband was killed. It’s all about incredible adversity and the power of love that can save someone even across the centuries.

So who are some of your favorite romance novel couples, and why? I’m giving away a print copy of my next release, SECRET STALKER, to one random commenter. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Love your Tennessee Swat books! I just finished Mountain Witness. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

    1. Thank you, Trude. So glad you are enjoying the series.

  2. Happy Valentine's! There are so many great couples out there... choosing a fav is hard...

  3. Some new to me couples there. I always loved the intense connection between Heathcliff & Cathy. Not a happy ending, but still...


    1. I never could get through Wuthering Heights (forgive me.) But I loved The Scarlet Letter. Go figure. Not a romance! Ha.

  4. never read these couples

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Kathleen Woodiwiss was one of the first serious romance authors I ever read. The Flame and The Flower was my first sexy romance and I was hooked on this genre.

    linda dot henderson70 at yahoo dot com

    1. Heather and Brandon! That's the first romance that I remember reading too. But I wanted to kick both of them for keeping so many secrets and not just talking it out. LOL.

  6. The directions say the giveaway ends Jan. 31, but since it was posted on Feb. 14 I am assuming that is a typo.
    Julie Garwood is a favorite of mine. Her book THE PRIZE was the first romance I ever read. I found every one of her historicals and devoured them. SAVING GRACE is one of my favorites. THE WEDDING & THE BRIDE, and THE SECRET & RANSOM are pairs that acre good. My favorite hero and heroine are Brodick and Gillian from RANSOM. I have read a few books by Kathleen Woodiwiss. My favorite is THE WOLF AND THE DOVE.

    1. Forgot my email address. library pat AT com cast DOT net

    2. LOVE Julie Garwood's medievals. Ransom is one of my favorite books ever and of course The Bride and The Wedding. I'm drawing a blank on The Prize but I remember The Gift maybe? Thanks for reminding me of some of my favorite love stories!

    3. The Norman invaders capture a castle and the daughter of the Lord is taken as a prize when the army moves to join up with William. She and the estate are to offered to one of the knights. An event at the castle allows her to pick the one she wants. Come to think of it, it has a little in common with The Wolf And The Dove. My mistake on The Gift. It was supposed to be The Secret, the one paired with Ransom.

  7. Congrats to Trude for winning a copy of SECRET STALKER. Thank you all for dropping by.


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