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The Agency

With: Mia Bishop

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In the world of The Syndicate series, The Agency is the law keepers of the paranormal world. After the emergence of paranormal creatures a few short years ago, human law enforcement quickly realized that they possess neither the skill nor the capabilities to apprehend or detain these creatures. The Agency stepped in to do the job that the humans could not. They have agents from all walks of life. From werewolves to vampires, changelings, shifters, witches of every specialization, and even a few humans.

It seemed to most humans that The Agency had been created virtually overnight, it was a blessing, and they welcomed the protection the Agency provided against unstoppable creatures the humans feared were prowling the night. But with its full staff and infrastructure already securely in place, it’s become obvious to some that the Agency has been around a lot longer than they’d thought. The transition of power between human law enforcement, the government, and the Agency was near flawless, and within weeks of the materialization of paranormal creatures, law and order were somewhat restored to the frightened public.

But all is not well, and if you look under the surface, you’ll find a surprising truth. Not everyone who wears the Agencies badge is there to protect and serve. Some agents know the truth and do everything in their power to stop the evil that is leading their organization, some are spies hoping to bring down the Agency from within. Others know nothing and believe the propaganda. There is no room for questions, and even if there were, answers wouldn’t be very forthcoming. 

The head of the Agency is unlike any man the humans have dealt with, he’s unlike any creature the paranormal has dealt with, and that’s because he is not a man or a creature, but something else. Something far more sinister, but not without weaknesses. And those weaknesses might be the one thing to bring the Agency down at the hands of the one person the Agency’s leader would never suspect. An ancient ally turned eternal foe has been biding his time, gathering forces, and patiently calculating the time to strike. 


Novella One and Two of the paranormal romance Syndicate Series. 

Novella One: Code Name: Fox

Shifter, Skye Lannister, takes a job at the Agency in hopes to help her kind, but the Agency isn’t what it seems. Caught by the vampire Syndicate council member, Zeek, Skye starts to question what she was thinking taking the job. When Zeek urges her to look deeper into the Agency, Skye learns that the company is hiding dark secrets and menacing plans. 
Zeek Fuchs, Syndicate Council member, vampire, drug lord, and overall badass wasn’t prepared to protect the shifter he caught hacking his systems. The na├»ve woman took the job on a whim and had no idea she was carrying out dangerous orders. When assassins start attacking, things heat up as the two fight to keep her alive. 

Novella Two: Mind Games

Most witches are freelance, but being a psychic witch makes Reagan Silas valuable to the Agency's Protection and Security Division. Untrained in physical magic, Reagan's talents as a witch are only a benefit in the Mindscape of those she interrogates. Her world is turned upside down when her interrogation of the Alpha of the O'Conner pack goes terribly wrong. 

Liam O’Conner never expected to find himself protecting the woman who tormented him in his own mind, but when it becomes clear that both of them are in danger he has no other choice. With an unseen foe on the loose, Liam must keep the witch close to him at all times and find a way to convince her of the truth about her employers. Can he make her see what the Agency is really up to or will her dark past keep her from trusting him?

Excerpt from Mind Games

I wont be here tomorrow morning, so youll have to just make yourself comfortable. Ill be back in the afternoon.
She clenched her hands into fists and locked her jaw as anger took over the feelings of loneliness. Youve got to be joking. If I am here to help you and protect you, then I am going with you. Thats what you are paying me for, remember? Im not just here to be your fucking housemate.
Liam stood up and closed the distance between them while she pressed herself as close to the door as possible without becoming one with the thing. You said you want no part of seeing my business, and quite frankly, as long as youve got this Agency-mentality I dont think its in my best interests to have you anywhere near my employees or my business. So you will stay here and do as you’re told.
I will not do as Im told, you arent my master. Im not one of your bitten mutts, you jackass. You dont get to control the world like you control your pack.
You know nothing about me or my pack, and you are not coming with me, end of story.
Then Im not staying here.” Turning on her heels, she yanked the door open only to find it slamming shut before she could get a foot out the door.
Liam’s breath was hot against her ear. You are not leaving.
She should have kept her mouth shut, but instead she turned around, coming nose to nose with him and replied through gritted teeth, Try and stop me.
His mouth crushed her. Reagan’s entire body stilled at the warmth of his tongue invading her. He tasted like spice and alcohol. There was no rational reason why she suddenly liked that taste.

About Mia Bishop:
Mia Bishop lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys, and enough animals to fill a mini-zoo. She writes to keep from dying of boredom in the high desert. Mia loves to read and write paranormal romance and erotica, but also enjoys the steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres as well as historical romances.

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