Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cold Secrets

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It’s so good to be back on my favorite Romantic Suspense blog! I spent the latter part of last year traveling around the world, and some days I feel like my head is still spinning. Even though I was on the move, I managed to finish the seventh book in the Cold Justice Series.

Quick note: All the books can be read as standalone novels featuring different heroes and heroines, so don’t feel like you have to start with the first book (although it is free).

The idea for part of COLD SECRETS came to me many years ago while watching the news just after Christmas in my mother-in-law’s Scottish home (but I can’t tell you what it was because that would spoil the plot <insert evil laughter>.

The hero of this book is FBI Agent Lucas Randall. Lucas has previously appeared in A COLD DARK PLACE and COLD FEAR, and I figured it was time he got his own story. Lucas is a former soldier who has dedicated his life to serving his country. He’s intelligent, dedicated and sexy. The heroine is FBI Agent Ashley Chen. Ashley’s a cybersecurity expert, and while researching this book it was a little scary to discover just how “Wild West” the Internet really is. Most of the story takes place in Boston, but hightails it across the globe for the finale (a little like I did!). However, I didn’t face down sex traffickers or foreign governments while trying to protect those I love.

I really hope you enjoy COLD SECRETS!!

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Randall turned to Mallory. “We could use Alex’s expertise on this.”
Mallory shook her head. “There was a major cyberattack on one of his clients last night. He’s busy trying to identify the attacker and what they got away with.”
“This is more important than any cyberattack.”
“How do you know?” Ashley interrupted. “If you don’t know what the hackers were after, how do you know which incident is more important?”
“Maybe the one that just butchered fifty people including seven law enforcement officials?” Randall’s tone crackled with condemnation, which made her resent the fact she’d found him attractive earlier. “I’m not saying whatever Alex is working on isn’t important, but cyber criminals can wait. These can’t.”
It pissed her off. Cops often saw cybercrime as a benign act that didn’t really hurt anyone. There was nothing benign in stealing someone’s identity or destroying their credit rating. There was nothing benign in controlling the world’s power grids, banking systems, or economies. Control cyber-technology and you controlled the flow of information for most of the world’s population. And cyber-warfare had already begun. Just ask the Iranians about Stuxnet, or Estonia, Ukraine and Georgia about pissing off the Russians.
They glared at one another.


When an international ring of sex traffickers kidnaps an eight-year-old girl in Boston, FBI Agent Lucas Randall heads undercover. But his rescue operation goes disastrously wrong and Lucas barely escapes with his life. Now the ruthless traffickers are hunting him down, along with everyone else who threatens their operation.

Computer expert Ashley Chen joined the FBI to fight against evil in the world—evil she experienced firsthand. She has mad skills, and deadly secrets, and once she starts working with Lucas, she also has big trouble, because after years of pushing people away, she’s falling for the guy. The feeling is more than mutual, but as Ashley intensifies her online pursuit of the trafficking ring, her traumatic past collides with her present and suddenly Lucas can’t tell which side she’s on. And as the case escalates into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, it turns out Ashley isn’t the only one with something to hide.

If neither can trust the other with their secrets, how can they trust each other with their hearts?

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