Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Perils and Joys of Research

With: Kat Martin

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I got the idea for a trilogy set in Seattle as I worked on my Alaska Trilogy.  Nick Brodie needed a place to work and live, so I created Brodie Operations Security Services, BOSS Inc, the guys called it.  

In the office, I put two more Brodies, cousin Ethan and cousin Luke.  INTO THE FIRESTORM is Luke Brodie’s story.  What made it fun and interesting was the twist it took during the research phase.  
Luke Brodie is a bounty hunter.  A fat $600,000 is the 20% bail enforcement fee he'll collect if he brings in international criminal, Rudy Vance.  

Emma Sullivan is also hunting Vance.  It's been almost a year since she arrived at her sister's home to find the housekeeper murdered and her young niece the victim of Vance's sick assault.  

Emma is determined to find Vance and make him pay.  And no one--not even the infamous Luke Brodie--is going to stop her.

There was plenty of story to work with, but as I was developing the plot, I stumbled across an interesting tidbit.  Turns out there is a group in Seattle called the Yakuza, an organization often referred to as the Japanese Mafia. 

What caught my eye was that members of the group are completely tattooed--even their genitals!  I thought, wow, wouldn’t they make interesting bad guys?

So the thing about research is that it can twist your story in unexpected directions.  It’s difficult but the results can be astonishing.  

I hope you'll watch for Luke and Emma in INTO THE FIRESTORM, book #3 in the BOSS, Inc. Trilogy.  And if you haven’t read INTO THE FURY and INTO THE WHIRLWIND, I hope you’ll give them a try.  

Very best wishes, Kat    


At Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc., following your instincts is company policy . . . 

M. Cassidy—Luke Brodie had heard the name before, some novice bounty hunter working Seattle, catching tricky skips with more success than a newcomer should expect. But the dark curls, sparkly top, and impressive cleavage were not what Brodie had pictured.

Emma Cassidy is tough and smart and sexy as hell. She’s also popping up a step ahead of him every time he’s close to the capture he wants most . . . and there’s no room for learning on the trail of this monster.

Emma has idolized Luke Brodie, the bounty hunter who can bring anyone in. The big man in the soft shoes, with a face like a fallen angel and a reputation for breaking hearts. Watching him in action is intoxicating. But her fight with Rudy Vance is fiercely personal. If he gets too close, Brodie will find out just how ferocious she can be . . .

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Kat will be giving away a Kindle, Nook or paperback copy of INTO THE FURY to one lucky reader leaving a comment or email entry!

Author Bio:
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History.   She is married to L.J. Martin, author of western, non-fiction, and suspense novels. 
Kat has written more than sixty-five novels.  Sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Greece, China, Russia, and Spain.

Born in Bakersfield, California, Kat currently resides in Missoula, Montana, on a small ranch in the beautiful Sapphire mountains. 

Her last 12 books have hit the prestigious New York Times bestseller list.  INTO THE FURY and INTO THE WHIRLWIND her most recent releases, both took top ten spots.  

Visit Kat's website at
Or look for her on Facebook at Katmartin/author.

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  1. I wonder if there are tattoo artist who specialize in genitals.

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  4. I'd hate to be the tattoo artist doing that job. That would have to be painful. I'd love to read your book, I always enjoy your stories.

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  5. Loved the first two books in the series. I was all about Dirk's mustache in the second one!
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