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My name is Sheree Smith and I am the author of Darkest Obsessions.  Since being a young girl I have written stories and read numerous books. But after starting college and then working full time, writing was firmly put on the back seat though I had always dreamed of writing  a novel.

I married my husband Dean in 2001 and soon after agreed a plan, to eventually get out of the ‘rat race’.  It took a good 10 years but we did it.  In 2015, we sold our house in Nottingham, handed in our notice at a large UK Corporate Company where we had worked for over 20 years and headed for a new, less stressful life in Northumberland.  At the same time, we had saved up enough money to also have 2016 off work, which allowed me time to put my dream in place and write Darkest Obsessions.

Darkest Obsessions is a romantic suspense novel set in the fictional village of Pelancy on the Scottish Borders. Sadie Buchanhan is the main female character who heads to Pelancy after having a traumatic time working in London.  Her ex boyfriend, Matthew, had stalked her for several years and the story starts where he is finally put to jail for holding her hostage.

Matthew is a psychotic stalker who has mentally abused Sadie over the years and so with Matthew firmly behind bars, she feels she needs to some time to recover and heads to see her parents who own a café in Pelancy.

It is here where she meets the local vet, Tom Ashton.  Tom is a breath of fresh air for Sadie and they instantly hit it off.  However, Tom still has feelings for his wife who tragically died a few years before. He has never forgiven himself for her death and so both Sadie and Tom’s relationship is put under immense strain until Tom can come to terms with his grief. To add to this, Matthew comes back on the scene, ending with disastrous consequences.

I have tried to write a dark and intense novel with a little humour and a lot of romance.  I hope you enjoy reading my book which can be found on both Amazon and iBooks or you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook  (all links below).


All Sadie wanted was a normal life and when her ex-boyfriend, Matthew, was finally sent to jail she thought she could start that normal life in a little village on the Scottish Borders.

Tom, a small county veterinary had spent the last five years just surviving. A tragic accident had left him riddled with guilt. But when the beautiful Sadie Buchanan waltzed into her parents cafe, his meaning for life is questioned. Now he has to overcome his demons before he can start living again.

But Matthew has already hurt Sadie before, would he allow Sadie to have the happiness she always longed for.......

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    1. Thank you Sue. I really enjoyed writing it x

  2. Thanks for your post today, Sheree. I immediately went to Amazon and bought Darkest Obsession. I love stories, mystery or romance or historical, that take place in England. I had the greatest opportunity to spend the Summer of 1986 in Wigan, England, which also gave me the opportunity to see many more areas of England while I was in Lancashire. So I'm excited about reading your book!

    1. Thank you Janice, lovely to hear from you. Though I've never been to Wigan, I have been to Blackpool a well known holiday resort here. I went to Niagara Falls a few years ago and it reminded me very much of Blackpool but with out the Falls hee hee. We live on the opposite side on the East Coast near Holy Island and Bamburgh and love it very much. I hope you enjoy reading my new book. Take care. x


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