Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Reader in Me

With: Amy Romine

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Barbie is hanging precariously from the hardware of my mother's drapes, while Ken runs to her rescue, the neighborhood war is declared. Ammunition and walkie-talkies are dispersed after a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and kool-aide milkshakes. Charlie has a new assignment for his Angels, they will be teaming with Bo and Luke Duke to secure the micro-chip hidden in the barn via bikes. Even when the small town of Macungie, Pennsylvania is quiet, but it is necessary for a girl to keep a fake gun her purse. You never know when Archangel may arrive in his helicopter with a crisis.

My childhood was a mix of television, books, and pure imagination. There was and is always some adventure brewing in my head, a constant stream of images of what if’s about the world, my favorite characters, and all that is living and dead . As a child these images were written down on paper, then acted out in a play on the stage. To be honest, not much has changed. I started writing as an addition to imaginary playtime. It was a catalog of events, and when we would do it. When Barbie would finally kiss Ken, or how Chris Monroe would find out her partner Kelly was captured by the villain. My muse developed a taste for adventure, and I explored it through acting, theater, screenwriting, and then finally the almighty novel.

My books start as a song lyric, a single line of dialog, or an image.  There is also a magical time of day (or night) my Muse loves, specifically, the time when you are laying in that place halfway between an awake mind and slumber. It is a magical realm, and many a scene and a lot of dialog have spawned from that place of peace.

Romantic Suspense is a natural flow of energy for me, it fits my personality. I have attempted other genres, and I have always ended up with the 38 Special in my hand bag.  For me, love is no fun without some treachery, and a few life and death moments. One of the challenges I put forth on myself in writing any novel is first, I have to love it, and second, there must be a balance. Too many times I will read romantic suspense and it is more romance than suspense or visa-versa. I want a good chunk of both. I want them to drive each other.  I love reading romantic suspense, and frankly I was unable to find a book that fulfilled the above need, so I wrote my own. The inspiration for my first published novel, Serenity Lost started small. I became intrigued by the relationship of two brothers on a popular television show, and I started watching a little closer. Then the lyrics of a song developed the plot and angst, and I went with it--Two people, breathless and desperate to kiss each other but unable to act on their feelings. I focused on the single image, rolling all of the possibilities in my head. Why wouldn’t they be able to fulfill their desires? What was holding them back, and what would make them so desperate to act? Where did the need to be in the others embrace stem from? What were the consequences if they acted on their desires?

The answers to each of these questions are of course endless, but in the end Trust Me was born. The two people became Rebecca Gailen and Eric Stiles. The scene wound up in a very different place than I imagined. It, and its consequences, were shattering to both characters.  

I strive for my books to have action, suspense, romance, chemistry, passion, angst, ranting, crying, fighting, deception... you name it, it's in there. As a reader I think I succeed in my efforts, creating tales you can immerse yourself in and experience the adventure from the comfort of your favorite chair. They tell every writer to write what they love. I am a writer because I love to read, I can only hope readers love what I write.

Here is an excerpt from my latest release, Little Angels.

The road was rough, and Nick hung onto the dash for fear of falling out of the jeep. After dispatching the entire force, five teams on the ground and two in the air, they'd lost the signal over half an hour earlier. Being in the middle of the dense jungle made the search almost impossible, but they were closer than they’d been just hours ago.

Nick felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he lifted it to look, not recognizing the number.

"McFarlane," he said into the phone and there was silence. "Hello?"

He could barely make out a voice and he looked to Jacobs to stop the car.


Jacobs stopped the jeep and Nick waited.

"Meredith?" Nick said.

"Hello?" He heard a small voice say back at him.

"Hi, this is Nick, who is this?"

"Lily," she replied, her voice shaking. "Meredith..."

"Are you with Meredith, sweetheart?"

"She won't...she won't wake up..." she said, and Nick's heart stopped.

"Lily, do you know where you are?" Nick asked, looking to Jacobs, who dialed his own phone.

"In the jungle," she replied between little sobs. "I'm scared...she's bleeding and I can't..."

"Lily, is there anything around? Do you see anything?"

"There is a jeep. I think it’s how the bad man got here," she said into the phone. Jacobs nodded and he started the jeep again.

"Lily, listen to me, I need you to stay on the phone with me. I'm coming to get you," Nick said.

"Please's dark, and Meredith..."

"It's okay, Lily, we're coming," Nick replied, listening to the girl panic on the phone.

"She dying," Lily said, beginning to cry again. "Please, I don't want her to die..."

"Lily, it's going to be okay," Nick tried to reassure her—he also tried to reassure himself.

The car wasn't moving fast enough, and he felt like he was going to jump out of his skin. He was telling Lily to be brave, and he was terrified himself.

They had time. They had to have time. This wasn't the end.

He could still get to her.

He could still save her.

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  1. the suspense and the romance!!! LOL... thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erin! I adore the suspense and romance, have to make my characters work for their happy ending!

  2. I love sharing the adventure, the Alpha heroes and the smart women who keep those Alphas on their toes.

    1. The alpha is the toughest nut to crack but that is half the fun, right? If you get the attention of an alpha anything can and will happen! Thanks for stopping by, good luck in the raffle!

  3. I love the suspense part....there's always a storyline that pulls you along and makes you want to turn the page to find out what happens!
    Goldgirl149 at hotmail dot com

    1. I am definitely one of those readers who has to have a little zing with the zang. A little surprise to keep the juices flowing. Give me a saucy villain to mkae things interesting! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for this great article, Amy, I really enjoyed this peek into your life. The excerpt above has really hooked me in. I must read this!

    1. Thanks so much Angelika, I hope you enjoy the read and thanks for leaving a note. Good luck with the contest!

  5. the mystery

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Ohhh the mystery is the most fun,especially the twists and turns. My favorites books as a kid were Nancy Drew always liked Nancy saving her boyfriend Ned!


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