Sunday, December 25, 2016


Thank you so much, Maureen, for having us back! We hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and wish a Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating today.

We recently read the most interesting article about gift-giving. Allyson was lucky enough to hear Christine Carter speak at a school event a couple years back, and quickly signed up for her newsletter. (Hey, who doesn’t want tips on happiness coming to their in-box?)

Something interesting we learned from Christine’s holiday newsletter: receiving gifts stimulates dopamine in the brain. In other words, it ’s creates a short-lived high. That’s why Christine recommends giving the gift of experiences, which could create a longer-lasting high. You’re not only giving a gift that way; you’re ensuring the creation of memories and the connection that comes through experiencing a meaningful activity with people you love.

If you’d like to read the whole article, You can read the article find it here. And you can sign up for Christine’s newsletter here

Speaking of gifts, if you received a Kindle recently and are looking to fill it, Amazon (our publisher) let us know that they have Meeting Danger is on sale for only $0.99 at Amazon until the end of December!

Meeting Danger

Camden Taylor is a federal agent working undercover in an outlaw motorcycle club, the Wicked Disciples, investigating their heroin operation. When they kidnap a member of another club, Camden has no choice but to blow his cover in order to save the man's life.

Autumn Mason has lived with Butch Cobb, president of the Wicked Disciples, for nearly five years. Butch is terrifying—as abusive as he is powerful—and there is no escaping him. But when Autumn witnesses Camden being beaten and held prisoner, she is forced to make a desperate decision. Will she choose to be loyal, or will she do what she knows is right?

Autumn blinked her eyes open. It was a few seconds before she remembered why Butch wasn’t in bed beside her. Then it all flooded back—including the fact that he would be home soon—and a familiar tightening began inside her head.

It never failed. Having Butch out of the house was like a vacation for the first few hours. Then as his anticipated return approached, the band inside her head would tighten, reminding her of the hell she lived in—the walking on eggshells and the violence that was as much a guarantee as the change of seasons.

She rubbed at her temples, trying to keep the pain at bay, but gave up soon after. Throwing back the covers, she got out of bed with a sigh. It was time to get the day started.

For more information, check out Meeting Danger at AMAZON

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