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DAZZLED…Was he a good guy? Or a bad guy? She had to know.

With: Judith Marie Austin

Congratulations to "Dee" and "Linda H.", the winners in Judith's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

DAZZLED is my first Indie Romantic Suspense, and I love the Reviews it’s been getting on Amazon Kindle…4.7 stars out of 5:

Gary Taggert
A great read! This book starts out fast and never stops. The characters come alive with the story and keeps your interest with every page. Hope there is a sequel coming, I'll be waiting.

Mary Ann Britton
I was hooked from the first page.. Romance, suspense, one of the best works of fiction I have read in awhile. Much of the story takes place in Chicago and I also so enjoyed the characters moving through places where I have been.

This well written story throws a spotlight on an underreported problem, abuse of exotic animals. With strong characters and good sense of locale, I was glad I read it. Can't wait to see more from this author.

Heir Wilhelm
…having read many novels and this being my way to escape most days, I was captivated. I loved the Nostalgia from Chicago with the attention to detail. I’m a helpless romantic at heart and the story pulled me as well. I seriously could not put Dazzled down from 2/3 on and paid for it, happily, the next day at the clinic. Not since a Murakami story have I been pulled like this, and cannot recommend Dazzled more highly!
I can't wait for the next adventure..... A MUST READ!

Living downtown on the Gold Coast lakeshore in the exhilarating city of Chicago for over thirty years gave me a great sense of location for this intriguing romantic suspense story. I used to prowl Lincoln Park Zoo and frequent the Elizabeth Arden Red Door salon on Michigan Avenue. And yes, I’ve been to most of the restaurants mentioned in the story. I’ve enjoyed Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountains, Canada many times. Yes, I’ve been to Manhattan numerous times, and yes, I’ve dined at The 21 Club and The Palm Court. No, I never was a photographer. But yes, I have sailed the islands in the Caribbean and West Indies.

And I love pearls, rubies and little black dresses.

I have many more books in the works. I’m working on one now about a heroine TV cooking show chef and her producer (who’s also her ex-husband) who gets murdered in the first chapter. She gets tangled with a pair of Chicago homicide detectives who think she might just be the murderer so she hires a scruffy private investigator who thankfully comes to her defense.

 Did I mention I love to cook?

In another story I’m working on, I have a high-powered Chicago-based advertising executive for a heroine. Her mother owns a bait and tackle shop in a tiny town in Northern Michigan. When her mother has to travel across the country to take care of a sick friend, my heroine baby-sits the tackle shop. She doesn’t realize a psycho ex-boyfriend from her high school in Michigan is stalking her. An undercover U.S. Marshall from Chicago follows the psycho and tails her to her hometown where they both get snarled in a web of lies and misunderstandings, some humorous, some touching, some spine-tingling.

A fabulous, utterly memorable vacation in Ireland inspired another story about a Bed & Breakfast-owner heroine who has a nasty philanderer of a husband who dies almost before the story begins. After his death, a cousin from his Irish family, the hero, comes to America to
represent the family at the funeral and investigate the family’s latest real estate holding, the B & B. Turns out the beast of a husband secretly sold the gorgeous, still being renovated B & B to his family for money to pay for an expensive trip with his mistress. The heroine doesn’t know she no longer owns the fabulous B & B with its glorious gardens and assumes the Irish lodger is just another guest. Not so. The story weaves on from there.

Did I mention I also love to garden?


Chicago Tribune photographer Lindsey Morrison accidentally bumps into the man of her dreams.


Problem is, it’s not just two encounters….it’s two men.

And it’s not accidental.

Working for the Chicago Tribune is all Lindsey ever wanted. On the fast track to professional stardom, her latest assignment is photographing a live tiger found at a health food store in Chicago’s Chinatown smack in the middle of a blinding blizzard.

She literally runs into wealthy, charming, successful Michael Albright on the snow-buried sidewalk.

Pursuing her, Michael introduces Lindsey to Chicago’s intriguing high society, seduces her and proposes marriage. With a six-carat ruby ring on her finger, Michael persuades Lindsey to move into his fabulous lakefront condominium. 

Not long after, Michael convinces Lindsey to leave her dangerous job and focus on her new glamorous life with him instead.

A few months later, James O’Rourke bumps into Lindsey in a crowded Michigan Avenue bookstore. He’s the director of the Chicago office of the FBI.

Powerful and strangely appealing, O’Rourke wants her help investigating her fiancé, Michael Albright, a man they’ve been tailing. A man they suspect of black market big cat smuggling…tigers, jaguars, leopards, panthers, cheetahs, ocelots.

At first refusing to divulge evidence on the man she loves, a man she knows loves her, Lindsey realizes the only way to save Michael and their wildly exciting life together is to secretly cooperate, provide a bare minimum of information to O’Rourke and triumphantly prove him wrong.

But is O’Rourke wrong?

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Tall, dark, dominant, powerful, O’Rourke blew into the lounge still wearing his overcoat, taking over the small space. The two couples at the bar, the foursome at the table against the wall of windows and the businessmen all turned around.

“Sorry I’m late. Thanks for waiting,” O’Rourke’s deep voice boomed. Well, now everyone knew.

To the barmaid he said, “Jamison’s straight up.” Pulling off the topcoat, he tugged a brilliantly-colored silk tie from his pocket and draped it around his neck. “I’ll be right back.”
The barmaid caught him. “I can take that for you, sir.”

“Thank you.” O’Rourke laid his coat across her outstretched arm and slid onto the bar stool next to me as she walked away.

He studied my face, black eyes probing. “I really am sorry I’m late, Lindsey.”

I shrugged. That wasn’t the point.

O’Rourke leaned forward, lowering his voice. “I also want to apologize for this morning, dumping it on you like that. It was…”

Callous, insensitive, typical, I silently supplied.

“…Not the best way I could have handled it,” he finished, knotting the tie quickly, smoothly.

“It doesn’t matter; I’m out of it,” I reiterated, dropping the destroyed straw into my nearly empty drink glass.

O’Rourke gazed at the twisted piece of plastic as though it held the key to the winning lottery numbers.

“Here you are, sir.” The barmaid startled us both. “Jamison’s straight up and your coat check.”


“Certainly, sir.”

When I glanced up, the barmaid was smiling, dimpling. I couldn’t believe it. The woman was flirting with him, and O’Rourke didn’t even notice. For the briefest moment I thought about the brilliant smile she would have gotten from Michael, the knowing look, and I shrugged that off too. Big deal. It didn’t matter anymore.

O’Rourke was raising his glass of Irish whiskey. Melting snowflakes dampened his thick black hair.

“Can we kick this into gear?” I asked. “I have things to do tonight.”

He swallowed and set the glass down. “Like?”

“Packing, phone calls.”

O’Rourke gazed at me, questioningly. “What are my chances of convincing you to stay where you are?”


“What if I appeal to your higher ideals?”

“I don’t have any.”

“I don’t believe you.”


I’m giving away two free digital copies of Dazzled. See the JRS rules for entering. Happy reading!


My first published books include a hardcover illustrated children's storybook and a series of nine softcover adventure books for the juvenile market: GlobalFriends Adventures.

Dazzled is my first Romantic Suspense although I have several more started. 

My favorite authors include Janet Evanovitch and Jennifer Crusie; both because they are so incredibly read-able, so humorous, and they both weave great stories. They inspire me to write more and more. I also love Diana Gabaldon and John Grisham for their complex story-telling abilities.

People ask me all the time why I write, and I tell them, "Because the artistic talent went to my twin sister, Linda." But seriously, my dad used to thump out one-act plays on a manual typewriter. I guess I got it from him. I started with poems and moved on to short stories. Then I wrote a play, then another, then went to Grand Valley State University where I majored in advertising and public relations. And I spent years in advertising, marketing, promotion, and event planning and production. And then I wrote Dazzled.

Frankly, I can't remember when I wasn't writing. Can't think of a reason I wouldn't be writing.

Judith Marie Austin

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