Friday, October 28, 2016

Those Steele Boys...


Good morning, everyone. Unfortunately, Kelsey, Adrienne and Tracey couldn't be here this morning so they asked us (a.k.a. those Steele boys) to fill in. Out of all of us, Grif is probably the most experienced with this blogging thing, but, hey, we're always up for a new challenge. Even if it did take us an hour to agree on the next two paragraphs.

Anyway, the ladies (that's what we call Kelsey, Adrienne and Tracey) thought it would be a good idea for us to answer questions so readers could get to know us. Seeing as we like to be heard, we were all over it.

Before we dive into the questions, we'll bring you up to speed on the Steele Ridge series. Basically, it's a collaboration of individual books written by Kelsey Browning, Adrienne Giordano, and Tracey Devlyn. Each of the first three books features one of us Steele brothers—Reid is the badass Green Beret, Grif is a slick LA sports agent, Britt is our protective wildlife biologist. Jonah—we call him the baby billionaire—is a loaded game developer. You’ll get his, Micki’s, and Evie’s stories in 2017.

All of us have returned to the mountains of North Carolina to help save our hometown. What none of us anticipated was: 1. staying in Steele Ridge and 2. our loyalty forcing us to choose between the life we each thought we wanted and a love we can’t live without.

Now that all that nonsense is done, on to the questions.

How do you feel about your hometown?

Grif Steele (Going Hard): At eighteen, I loved the sight of it in my rearview mirror. Now, it’s like wearing a pair of cheap-ass loafers that are a half-size too small. But for some reason, those loafers are stretching out and starting to feel like they’re made of genuine Italian leather. It’s the damnedest thing, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Reid Steele (Living Fast): I love it. I hate it at the same time. Right now, Steele Ridge represents failure. My career as a Green Beret—the only thing I ever wanted—ended when I blew out my knee. A major problem since my job has always defined my worth. So I'm back in Steele Ridge and at loose ends. I'm not good at loose ends. I get bored and boredom makes me nosey.

Britt Steele (Loving Deep) – The truth? For years, Steele Ridge has been like a prison. I’ve felt stuck here while all my brothers went off and lived their dreams. Don’t get me wrong. I love my town, family, and friends. But I just wanted…more. Things are turning around now, though. Everyone’s grown up and they don’t need me so much anymore. Now, if I could only keep the baby billionaire out of my business, I might be able to do something fun.

Which brother is smarter/better looking, etc.?

Grif: If we’re talking straight-up style, look no further than me. Britt thinks flannel is for every occasion. Reid could get an award for most camo cargo shorts and shitkicker boots. Jonah actually dresses like a human on occasion but only when he can’t get away with wearing his lewd t-shirts. So, yeah, I’m smart enough to know how to match a pair of pants with a freshly pressed shirt.

Reid: Please, what kind of question is that? Of course it's me. On all fronts. My brothers won't agree, but there's nothing new about that. I've spent my whole life arguing with them. It's how I show affection. That, and putting hands on them. Nothing like a good smackdown to lighten things up. I may beat up on them, but my family knows if they need me, I’m there. Anyone gets sideways with my loved ones, there's gonna be trouble.

Britt: How the hell should I know? I don’t look at guys like that. As for smart, all my little brothers put me to shame.

Are you where you thought you’d be in your life?

Grif: You mean sitting in a folding chair behind a cheap banquet table in my makeshift city manager’s office in the town formerly known as Canyon Ridge, North Carolina? No way in hell. But when I caught sight of Carlie Beth Parrish, I started thinking that spending a little time here might not be so bad…

Reid: God, no. But Brynne Whitfield might help change that.

Britt: No, but I’m getting there—especially now that I have Randi Shepherd at my side.

What attracts you in a woman?

Grif: Since I was screwed over by Madison Henry, not much. But apparently, the ol’ hormones decided to wake up when I spotted a sweaty, mussed up, little firecracker of a blacksmith.

Reid: I like a woman who has a sense of humor. And cares about people. That's a big one. That's what I like about Brynne. She’s always willing to help but she’s no fool. Take advantage of her and she’ll cut you out. Boom. Gone.

Britt: Intelligence, hard-working, sloppy pony-buns, hiking boots, fits in my arms perfectly, amazing green eyes…

What does family mean to you?

Grif: I may look like a guy who’d rather talk you to death over a negotiating table, but you mess with my family, I will make you sorry your mama ever brought you into this world. Family is everything. Don’t ever take away my choices about the people I love.

Reid: Between college and the Army, I've been away for years. Coming home, as much as I miss my career, means knowing there's always a safe place to land.

Britt: Always having each other’s back. Always.

And we're out.

Hopefully, y’all enjoyed our answers. If not, the ladies will kill us and we don't like our women being mad at us. So, please, if you run into Kelsey, Adrienne and Tracey, just tell them we did good. Oh, and they wanted us to tell you that, The Beginning, book one in our series, is free. Who doesn't love free?

Thanks, y'all, and here's more about each of our books:

Going Hard by Kelsey Browning

Slick sports agent Griffin Steele is living the highlife in Los Angeles, far from the shadow of the North Carolina mountains where he grew up. But when his hometown falls on hard times and needs his help, Grif reluctantly agrees to commute between coasts. He never expects the lush scenery, in the form of pretty tomboy Carlie Beth Parrish, to be such a temptation.

After an impetuous one-night stand with Grif Steele fifteen years ago, hardworking blacksmith Carlie Beth has tried to make a living and raise her daughter in the hometown she loves. Then, too-sexy-for-his-Rolex Grif blows back into town like the perfect storm, making Carlie feel less like a thirty-something mom and more like an infatuated teenager.

When a stalker targets his hometown and Grif suspects Carlie Beth might be the next victim, he can’t help but step in to protect her. But once he discovers the fourteen-year-old secret she’s been keeping from him, will he embrace the truth or will he turn his back on Steele Ridge and Carlie Beth forever?
Living Fast by Adrienne Giordano

Green Beret Reid Steele needs a new career ASAP. After a knee injury permanently sidelines him from his dream job, Reid heads home to the mountains of Steele Ridge to regroup, but small-town life isn’t cutting it for a man accustomed to action. When sexy boutique owner Brynne Whitfield captures his attention, Reid thinks he’s found the perfect distraction from boredom.

The last thing recently-dumped Brynne is interested in is another fast-talking man who will break her heart and dismiss her like yesterday’s trash. Even if Reid Steele’s body does make her yearn for things she knows are as bad for her as hot fudge sundaes.

When Brynne’s closest friend is murdered and she’s also targeted, Reid can’t resist the lure of action and goes on a hunt for answers to disturbing questions. But can he protect her from a cold-blooded killer—and win her battered heart?

Loving Deep by Tracey Devlyn

A rugged mountain man falls for his beautiful neighbor, the one person who can save his beloved red wolves and whose business depends on their destruction.

Britt Steele is on a mission to protect endangered red wolves in the mountains of North Carolina. But when the wolves’ territory is threatened, he clashes with the new landowner, a woman who’s capturing his heart even as she plans to sell that precious land to the highest bidder.
Miranda Shepherd’s quirky bar is her passion, but money’s flowing out faster than she can pour a drink. An outsider’s bid to purchase the land she’s long called home will save her business. Only one man stands in Randi’s way—a dangerously handsome and persuasive man who poses equally dangerous questions that rock her whole world.

An unscrupulous trophy hunter wants the game-rich property and he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the wolves’ haven and another trophy for his collection. When members of the pack begin disappearing, Britt and Randi must join forces to protect the wolves and save the love of a lifetime.

For more info on the Steele Ridge series visit:


  1. Congratulations "ladies." You three are amazing writers and amazing friends. My best for your wonderful success on your collaboration.

    1. Thank you, Jacki! Muhwah. We've had so much fun with this series! I'm working on book 4 now. :)

    2. Thanks, Jacki! Ditto what Adrienne said. Sure hope to see you in-person soon!!

  2. I'm curious as to how the order of the stories was decided. Looking forward to reading about the Steele family.

    1. Great question, Mary! The purchase of the town guided the order. Since we'd decided Grif would coordinate the deal, it made sense that he would be the first book. Then we felt we had to get Reid's training facility underway, because Reid was "stuck" at home, recuperating. And, of course, Britt followed Reid, because we had already decided Jonah's book would be last. :) Hope that helps!

  3. I'm really enjoying the series! I've read the Beginning, Grif's story and Reid's story so far ... soon to be reading Britt's! Loving them all.

    I'm really curious for us to find out what the deal is with Micki. With this family being so close-knit, it's really unusual for them to be treating one sister like gold and then acting like the other one doesn't even exist. I have a feeling there's a big story there!

    Thanks for the great reads ladies! Oh, and boys, you did pretty good with your blogging. *wink*

    1. Hi, Lynn. So glad you are enjoying our boys. They've definitely kept us entertained!

      I'm working on Micki's book as we speak and it's really been an emotional (and challenging!) ride for me. I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you she and Jonah have a secret they've been keeping and it comes out in Micki's book. :)


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