Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fated Love

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FATED LOVE starts out with a young woman, Sarah Cameron, being summoned to the scene of a fire. A fire that consumes not only her hopes and dreams as an art gallery owner, but also burns hard truths into her life. And the man who plans to solve all her problems has a past of his own. One that might mean death to them both if they fail to uncover dark secrets from the past that holds them both in thrall. 

Here's an except from the story:

The slant of sunlight in her eyes made her realize that it was now late afternoon and Evie would be here soon to pick her up for their evening on the town. 

Standing, she stretched till her back popped, then froze.  The yellow bell bush in the corner of the backyard looked odd.  Walking over to the window wall, she peered into the yard.  Yes.  It looked like one of the branches was broken and hanging down.  Slightly wilted leaves lent credence to the theory. 

She walked out into the yard, mentally cursing the neighborhood cats that loved to scale the fence, jump into the yard and relax on her patio furniture.  Much as she loved animals, she hated the hair all over her favorite lounge chair. She lifted the broken branch, trying to see if she might be able to repair it some way.  As she studied the branch, her gaze went past it to the ground between the bush and the privacy fence.

 Large footprints were visible in the slightly damp ground.  She knew they weren’t hers.  They were far too big.  As a matter of fact, they had to be a man’s.  Not many women had feet that big. Her flesh crawled over her bones.  Some man had been standing in her backyard, probably concealed by the yellow bell bush.  Turning, she noticed she now had a direct line of sight to her sofa in the sunroom.  Her favorite place to sit and relax.  

She could feel a scream trying to force its way out of her throat.  Dropping the branch, she fled straight into her beloved sunroom, slammed and locked the door behind her, then stood staring into the yard. 

Stop panicking, she instructed herself.  There’s got to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.  What reason? her brain argued.  What perfectly reasonable explanation could there be for man-sized footprints to be near that bush?  Inside a six foot privacy fence. 

She swallowed a sob that rose in her throat.  Her beloved sunroom, her much beloved retreat from the world, was now spoiled.  She would never again be able to sit here in solitude and not wonder if someone was out there watching her through the window walls.  With deep regret, she lowered the mini-blinds on each wall.  She had never used them before today.  Now she felt she would never again not use them.  How very, very uncomfortable it made her feel.  How violated.


Sarah Cameron’s life changes forever the night her art gallery burns to the ground under suspicious circumstances. Fighting her devastation, she’s picking up the pieces and trying to understand what happened with the help of arson investigator, Jake Riordan – who’s far too attractive for her to concentrate. 

Then the stalking incidents begin. Who could want her dead? And is it tied to the fire at the gallery? 

Jake is convinced he knows who’s responsible for the fire. But is he too close to Sarah to see the truth? After he’s pulled off the case for being too personally involved, Jake convinces Sarah to travel to New Orleans with him to escape the stalker and investigate some mysteries from his own past. 

In New Orleans, a diary and a set of old pictures reveal long hidden secrets that are coming home to roost. 

Till Death Do Us Part, just got a whole new meaning. 

As a thank you for reading my guest blog, I'll be giving away three ebook copies of  Fated Love in a random drawing from those who go to my website and send me an email with FATED LOVE giveaway in the subject line. All entries must be made between 12am on Thursday September 15th and midnight Friday, September 16th.

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